First, it’s fair to say that ALL personal trainers and fitness coaches need to improve their skills to ensure their clients are getting the best results possible. Actually, one of our most important core values at Fuse is “always improving” since we know we can and should get better every year.

That said, there is a handful of trainers that you need to avoid when it comes to getting help with your fitness goals. And as we do every year we created a list of 5 trainers that you should avoid in your pursuit of fitness. For most people, these trainers are nothing more than stumbling blocks on your road to success this coming year.


This trainer is set on making you his/her “mini me”. You’ve all met this trainer at some point in your life. If they eat the Paleo diet, then you also eat the Paleo diet. They’ll next sell you on their favorite workouts, which is rarely a good thing. This trainer believes the way he/she eats and trains is the way all people should do it. Heck, if it worked for them it should work for everyone, right? Wrong. Just because it has worked for some doesn’t mean all humans should jump on the band wagon. At the end of the day you’re not them, so why attempt to take on their training regimen and food choices. You don’t have to be anyone’s mini me.


This over-sized trainer, often referred to as “Bobby Biceps”, makes our list every year. This trainer is often a male that has a passion for bodybuilding, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if you’re looking to bulk up. He will place an emphasis on having a special day for each body part. For example, he may have you do your chest on Monday, calves/abs on Tuesday, arms on Wednesday, etc. If your goal is to become a bodybuilder then this may work but most of us are not looking to bulk up. It’s fair to say most adults want lean, flexible and proportionate bodies so we should avoid this old school method of training. At the end of the day, your highly complex body deserves more than an “arm day”. You’re more than a pair of arms or legs so you should train the entire body in a way that makes sense. Isolating muscle groups rarely makes sense. Leave bodybuilding to those looking to bulk up since that may be the only real benefit to this mode of training.


This trainer is typically VERY good at one thing. It might be kettlebell training, running, cycling, etc. While this sounds great, focusing on a single mode of training will greatly limit your results in the long run. Since every style of training has gaps and limitations you’ll need more than just a single method of training for the best results possible. So, unless you’re an athlete requiring very specific coaching in one area you’ll want to avoid focusing too much attention on any one area. You want to be good across a wide spectrum of fitness (mobility, strength, endurance, balance, etc.) instead of being an expert in just one area.


We’ve all seen this trainer at a local gym at some point. He or she is often distracted with their phone while attempting to help a client. This trainer is often part time, with little to no interest in a career in fitness. They like working out so they thought they’d make a few extra bucks while they’re hanging out at the gym. If you accidentally hire this trainer, be sure to get a full refund after your first session since he or she was distracted with other things during your time together.


This trainer is very popular right now and easily the most dangerous of all trainers. He or she is very good at pushing clients to their absolute limit while also bringing a very high energy to every workout. This sounds great until you look a little closer. While these high intensity workouts are fun and very appealing early on, they always lead down a dead end road that has several new injuries waiting for you. If you’re a busy adult, that has real life responsibilities, the last thing you need is an injury from pushing your body to extremes that are 100% unnecessary. The last thing an aging 30+ year old body needs, is beat up with excessive amounts of training at every workout. More is not always better, especially when it comes to your body. Busy adults need their bodies rebuilt, not broken down. At Fuse, we see people nearly every week who come in injured from training with a trainer that has no limits. Sure, attempting to train like an elite athlete or military professional sounds like fun until we realize our bodies are a decade or decades older and should be cared for like that’s the case.

There you have it. As we move towards 2018 avoid these trainers and training styles to ensure you’re not wasting your time and money on things that simply can’t provide you with the amazing long term results you want.

When you’re ready to start YOUR fitness journey email us at to reserve your studio tour. You won’t find any of the above trainers waiting for you when you arrive, only a team who is truly passionate about finding what works for your specific body.

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