Most people in the south hills of Pittsburgh are tired of the endless number of fitness trends and fads that never work.  Most people have spent hours researching what to do about their fitness and weight loss, only to end up more frustrated than ever before. If that’s you, this article is for you.


There are thousands of ways to exercise and eat healthy, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all, and end up doing nothing. The good news is that there are 5 key steps to transforming your body, which the Fuse team has outlined for you below. These are the 5 Easy Steps to Get Fit Fast:

Get Fit Step #1: Consistency is KEY

Being consistent with your training is vitally important if you plan on seeing LONG term results. Most people vary their training methods by bouncing from random class to random workout video which never allows them to advanced to their new body.

And don’t believe the hype, shocking your body with “boot camp” style workouts always to leads to injuries in the long run. If you’re an adult over 28 years old your body desperately needs a consistent mode of training that advances slowly over time. Sure, we ALL want a faster way to get results, but the truth is consistency is most important. Find a great program and stick with it!

Get Fit Step #2: Focus on FAT loss

Not all weight loss is good, right? If you’ve ever had the stomach flu you’ll remember losing 5-8 pounds in 2-3 days. When your body loses large amounts of water it will show as weight loss on the scale but you’ll likely look and feel worse than ever since you’re dehydrated. In this case, and many others, weight loss is NOT good.

If a fit person stops their strength training program they will lose their lean muscle, which will show as weight lost on the scale. This is another example of weight loss being a very bad thing. This person, while weighing less, looks and feels weaker than ever. Some refer to this as “skinny fat”, which basically means they’re skinny but weak and soft looking.

Stop using the scale as your primary means to judge if your training and diet are effective. At Fuse, our best body transformations in the past few months have lost 2-3 pant sizes but most of them have only lost 6-12 pounds. Why? Well, they toned up by adding lean muscle to their body while they were losing body fat.

If you want a body that is strong, toned and lean you’ll need to add muscle AND lose fat. The scale may not show as much weight loss so you’ll need to rely on circumference measurements and/or a body fat analysis to measure your results.

Get Fit Step #3: MOVE more often

Most people don’t think about all of the activities that they can include in their day to day life. Most will “workout” for 30-60 minutes and forget about the other 23 hours. If you want great results move more often. On the way home from work, stop at the park and walk hills for 20-60 minutes. Walk the stairs in your home or office before your day starts for 5-15 minutes.

Don’t overthink it but know that you need to MOVE more often for the best results possible.

Get Fit Step #4: Find a POSITIVE community of people to train with


Sure, working out on your own is an option but rarely is it effective. Having a positive community of people that train with you or around you are key for great results. We always say at Fuse, one of the greatest benefits to training at Fuse is the people. Training in a friendly, uplifting community is key since they’ll pick you up when you get off track.

Get Fit Step #5: Train with a professional

Regardless of your experience, we ALL need professional coaching for the best results possible. The Fuse training team has other mentors and coaches around the country that make them better every year. A great coach will often make the difference between average and amazing results.

Need a great coach? We have 5 amazing trainers at Fuse that work together every week to ensure you get the best service and results possible.

As we do most weeks, we’ll be offering 3 complimentary strategy sessions. During your strategy session we’ll learn more about your goals so we can create your perfect workout! Email us at to reserve your strategy session.

Enjoy your day!

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