Hello friends!

Rachel with Fuse Fitness Studio here…I wanted to send you an awesome in-home workout that is great for fat loss. As a busy woman living in the South Hills I completely understand how difficult it can be to stay active 7 days a week so I wanted to send you a small gift:)

Oh, I decided to make it bodyweight only since I wanted to make sure everyone could do it!

Repeat the workout below as many times as you can in 20 minutes. As we preach at Fuse every day, the form has to be near perfect, so no cheating and take breaks as needed to ensure everything looks great.

Movement #1 Crawl Forward and Backwards x10

How to do it: On all fours, lift your knees 2 inches off of the ground and crawl 5 steps forward and then 5 steps backwards. Do this 10 times. Ground movements like crawling are one of the many movements we use at Fuse to build amazingly strong cores, so don’t skip it:) If you go SLOW and control the movement it’s anything but simple. To make it harder, go further. You can crawl 25 steps forward and back if you’d like. We always recommend you first do 5 slow steps forward and back then progress.

Movement #2 Prisoner Squat x20

How to do it: Interlace your fingers behind your head and pull the elbows back opening up the chest. Keep your elbows back and squat as low as you can. To make this harder you can go deep, faster or add a jump.

Movement #3 Full Body Plank x30 seconds (hold for 30 seconds)

How to do it: Most planks are a waste of time. The woman’s body sags in the back and her head falls forward towards the ground. So this time, tuck your butt in, lock out your knees and squeeze your feet together. You can put your hands or forearms on the floor. You’ll soon find there’s a lot of tension throughout your body. To make this harder simply hold for a longer duration.

Movement #4 Side Hops x40 (hop left then right for 40 reps)

How to do it: With your upper body tall, elbows slightly bent, lightly hop side-to-side on the balls of your feet.

Okay, I hope you give this a try today. Please email directly at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com with questions, I’d love to help…

By the way, I just finished Fuse’s new 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program, we’ll be launching this awesome new program in September so look out for it in another Facebook post:)

Talk to you all soon!


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