Hello everyone!

Our friends and family living in the north hills of Pittsburgh may not want to hear this but…

What’s the ONLY thing that the north hills has on the south hills? You may of guessed it, Nordstrom. The store is pretty amazing, not too mention, they have an amazing tomato soup in their cafe.

Our goal this week was to find a recipe that was VERY close to it. We did some research and came up with the recipe below. We made it ourselves and LOVED it. Sure, it may not be identical to their tomato soup but it’s very close. We hope you love this week’s featured Fuse meal as much as we did! And yes, this is probably the least clean out of our hundreds of clean recipes. That’s okay, it’s good to have a few moderately clean recipes to mix things up:)

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By the way, if you are not using the Instant Pot follow up until step 5. Cook everything on the stove, add tomatoes and broth and simmer for at least an hour. Then use immersion blender and add the cream.



– 1/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 8 oz Carrots peeled and chopped

– 8 oz Yellow Onion chopped

– 1 Tablespoon Dried Basil
– 3 28 oz cans San Marzano Tomatoes
– 1 cup Chicken Stock or Broth
– 1-1.5 cup(s) Half & Half

– 2 teaspoons Kosher or 1 tsp Sea Salt

– 1 teaspoon Black Pepper
– 2 Tablespoons Fresh Basil leaves cut into fine ribbons


1.Chop up the carrots and onions.

2.Select Sauté or Browning on your Pressure Cooker cooking pot and allow to fully heat.

3.Add oil and then add carrots, onions and dried basil. Sauté for 4 minutes, or until vegetables start to caramelize and the onions become a bit translucent.

4.Add canned tomatoes and chicken broth.  If using Optional Ingredients, add them now.

5.Lock on Lid and close Pressure Valve. Cook at High Pressure for 5 minutes.  When Beep is heard, allow a full Natural Pressure Release.

6.Turn Pressure Cooker off and Select Sauté or Browning.  Use an immersion blender and blend until soup is smooth.  Add cream and allow to heat through.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Garnish with Fresh Basil

Let us know if you have any questions! You can simply email us at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com.

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