Which is better for your body, whole foods or man made processed foods?

Of course, we all know the answer is whole foods since they provide us with far more nutrients and less toxins than processed foods.

So, if it makes perfect sense that humans should eat more natural/organic foods for optimal health, why would it be different when it comes to human movements (“exercises”)? Is there even such a thing as “organic” or “natural” exercises?


And as there is with food, you better believe there are movements that are  natural and there are those that have been created by man. For example, which is a more natural human movement for the lower body, a seated leg extension machine or a full squat (see picture below)? Of course the full squat since it is a very natural human movement required by millions of humans all over the globe today to gather food, go to the bathroom, etc. No to mention, the full squat has dozens of more benefits when compared to any leg machine.

Leg Extension Machine

Sure, with today’s technology we are not required to perform a full squat in the US but that doesn’t make it less important for our health – it just makes us numb to the fact that we are incredibly rigid and immobile. Most adults are completely unaware of their inability to move well until they end up at physical therapy getting put back together following an injury related to their stiff and immobile body.


To know if a movement is “man made” or “organic” just ask yourself if the movement is useful in your day-to-day life. I mean, you do want your workout to carry over to real life activities?

Using the leg extension machine as the example again, what real life activity would this help you with? The answer is… NONE! It literally has no carry over in real life activities (sports, hiking, moving objects, carrying objects, running, etc.). This machine trains yours legs in a way that the legs are actually in isolation from the rest of your body.

Truth be told, you actually NEVER use muscles in isolation, so why train them in that way? In other words, being good at the leg machine only helps you while you’re doing the leg extension, nowhere else. Yes, a massive waste of time unless you’re simply looking to fatigue a muscle for the heck of it.

While we’re not picking on this particular machine since there are hundreds of other machines and exercises that fall into the “useless” category – we are using it as a simple example of what not to do.


Do machines offer any benefit? Of course, we use rowers, bikes and a climbing machine at Fuse but it’s only to compliment our primary natural movements (lifting, squatting, pushing objects, pulling objects, carry objects, climbing, balancing on unstable surfaces, etc.). We’ll use machines in about 5-10% of our training since they can help improve your endurance.

If you’re serious about transforming your body and health learn how to PROPERLY squat, run, climb, jump and many other natural movements. Doing this will guarantee your body not only looks great but also moves and feels great as well. Since a great training program will improve the way you look, feel and move.


When you’re ready for your own body transformation email the Fuse Training Team at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com to reserve your complimentary studio tour so we can walk you through the process that we’ve walked hundreds through.

And yes, we still back all programs with the same 30-day money back guarantee we started in 2009. You either love the program, or it’s free:)

Enjoy your day!

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