Sorry but it’s true, just because someone is “working out” it doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to become more healthy. Actually, for many people there’s a chance they’ll get less healthy from working out.

Confused yet? Well don’t be. Just think about eating for a good example. Just because one sits down and eats it surely doesn’t mean they’re now going to become more healthy, right? Of course not, we all know when it comes to food it’s all about the quality of the food.

High quality whole foods will improve your health while low quality processed foods will likely make you a less healthy person.

You can look at your workout the same as you’d look at food. Like food it’s all about the quality of the fitness program. Low quality, careless fitness programs can easily make a person less healthy. That said, a high quality, professionally designed fitness program can tremendously improve someone’s health.

Here are two ways your workout can make you LESS healthy. Avoid these two dead end roads and you’re on your way to great results.


The current popular trend (which is now slowly dying) continues to be the overly aggressive “HIGH INTENSITY” workouts. These workouts focus on pushing participants to their limit every workout. Sure, small does of high intensity training can be great but training at your max effort the entire workout is a costly mistake. Yes, you’ll get the sweat of a lifetime and “feel” the workout for days after but let’s talk about what’s really happening behind the scenes.

Yes, people are getting stronger and more fit in the early stages of their high intensity training. That said, the busy 30+ professional and/or parent will start to realize something 2-4 months into their high intensity training. All of a sudden they become injury prone. They start to notice some new aches and pains that weren’t there before.

What’s happening? Well, in most cases their body is simply breaking down. You see, when you always train at your max effort every workout your body does NOT have time to recover from the workout and new injuries start popping up like spring flowers.

While high intensity training will give you some results early on, you’ll soon realize you’ve become less healthy if this is how you train every workout. New injuries are not a badge of honor, they are a sign that you’re body is breaking down. If your workout injures you it’s broken and careless.

Workouts that only focus on high intensity training are the fast food restaurants of the fitness industry. In other words, there’s some good but most people are becoming less healthy when it’s all said and done.


One of the main reasons people want to workout is because they want to improve their overall appearance. And one of the ways an adult can improve their overall appearance is with a taller, more youthful posture. One of the first signs of someone feeling or looking older is their head comes forward and their upper back starts to round (see picture on left above).

The truth is most workouts in 2018 will actually do more harm than good for someone’s posture. If there is a muscle or movement in the workout that is over emphasized and another that is under emphasized it’s likely you’ll start to see some issues with someone’s posture.

A workout needs to be properly designed and balanced to ensure you’re not accidentally creating muscle imbalances. Poor posture often comes from some type of muscle imbalance (i.e. tight and/or weak tissue).

If your workout is not properly planned it can and will create muscle imbalances which lead to more issues. Some of the issues will be postural while others can create discomfort in the body.

There you have it. When you’re ready for a professionally designed fitness program that will intentionally rebuild your body we’ll be waiting for you.

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