As we do every year, we want to take a few minutes to debunk some of the myths invading the fitness industry in 2018. If you’re serious about fitness and health in 2018 be sure to NOT fall victim to these myths and fads. While there is a long list we’ll give you the top 3 myths that will likely lead you away from your fitness goals in 2018.


The last thing a 30+ year old body needs is pushed to it’s limit every workout. Sure, if you’re a paid athlete that doesn’t apply to you but we’re talking to the busy professional who is over 30. This ridiculous and dangerous trend plays off your competitive nature and the fact that training at your max effort will make you “feel” like you had a great workout. Unfortunately becoming sweaty and sore doesn’t mean you had a great workout, it just means you got sweaty and sore. For the 30+ community you’ll need to focus on becoming mobile again. Your stiff, immobile and weak body will start to break down quickly when you attempt to push it to it’s limit. The risk of these excessively high intensity workouts are not worth the risk that comes with them. In 2018, play it smart and leave the excessively high intensity training to those who are being paid and compensated to push their bodies to a breaking point.


Didn’t we mention this one last month? Yes we did. We thought is was worth mentioning again since thousands are about to waste their valuable time walking in circles around a gym floor and participating in group workouts that have no direction. For the person who has serious fitness goals in 2018 you’ll need to avoid the general gym membership. Sure, it’s seems like the obvious choice since you’ll have access to hundreds of machines and weights for under $60 a month but think about it for a minute… Do you have a background in designing fitness programs? If the answer is no then it’s likely you’re not going to create an effective workout for yourself by randomly sampling different machines and weights. Creating a structured, effective and safe training program takes years of practice and training.

If you have serious goals get assessed by a professional and get a structured program that is guaranteed to work. If you don’t have goals and simply want to sit on a bike or walk the track then the gym is the perfect place for you. Just don’t expect significant changes in your fitness.



People LOVE cardio, it’s fair to some are even “addicted”. People love the way they feel after doing a cardio based workout since it certainly provides you with a good sweat and eventually a new level of cardiovascular endurance. While cardio work should be a part of every person’s workout it’s actually only a small part. The body is more than a heart and lungs as we all know. We have joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, a brain, and the list goes on.

When someone is pursuing a fitness goal they should be focusing on improving several key areas which include…

(1) Mobility – you’ll need to get the joints more mobile if we plan on performing the exercises that make the biggest impact.

(2) Flexibility – you’ll need the soft tissue to lengthen if we want to feel and move better.

(3) Strength – you’ll need to get strong to ensure you’re ready for all of life’s challenges.

(4) Balance – you’ll need to strengthen your balance to ensure your feet, knees, hips and core can do their job.

(5) Core – you’ll need the strong center to ensure your body is both lean and functional.

(6) Cardio – and yes you’ll also need some cardio work.

If you truly want a strong and fit body you’ll have to address each of the areas above for the best results possible. Don’t limit yourself to doing just cardio, your body deserves more.



People continue to believe the lie that there’s somehow a way to transform their way of living overnight. Meaning you go to bed Sunday with a new diet and workout plan in place for Monday, assuming that it will stick. Wrong. To transform your body it takes TIME. It’s takes weekly accountability, coaching, support and a plan that progresses slowly overtime. The truth is there is no shortcut. Just as it takes time to get good at a sport or to get through a college degree, it will take you time to learn how to transform your body.

If you’re ready for a “new you” in 2018 and want the coaching and professional training required to get you there, come in for a Fuse strategy session. During this session we’ll show you EXACTLY how to not only reach but also surpass your goals this year! Contact the Fuse team at to get started with your complimentary strategy session.

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