So you’re a busy women who would love to workout more but you have VERY limited extra time…

Sound about right?

Well I have good news for you since I have 3 VERY sneaky and simple ways you can burn more calories in the comfort of you own home during these cold Pittsburgh winters.

Keep in mind these will sound TOO simple to be helpful so I’ll explain how it all works in a minute.

Here are the 3 sneaky ways that you can burn calories at home…

Sneaky In-Home Calorie Burning Hack #1 Stair Training

So almost every home, apartment or condo have stairs in them. And yes, stairs are one of the fastest and more effective ways to enhance your cardio and fitness without leaving your home.

And since you’re short on time I’m going to challenge you to spend 5 minutes a day walking, running or sprinting up and down your stairs. Of course if someone is de-conditioned they should walk while someone more advanced can add some speed if they’d like.

Sneaky In-Home Calorie Burning Hack #2 Kitchen Marching

So what the heck is kitchen marching? Well, since you will be in your kitchen for 5 minutes at some point every day I challenge you to add 5 minutes of marching in place at some point. The best time to do this is when you have a meal cooking.

So you’ll march in place as fast as you can for 5 minutes. To make things more challenging stay tall and take your knee higher and faster each time you march.

Sneaky In-Home Calorie Burning Hack #3 TV Squatting

So not everyone watches 5 minutes of TV every day so I’ll call it Facebook squatting for you. Next time your staring at the TV or at Facebook on your phone I want you to perform squats in sets of 10. After you do 10 shake out your legs and repeat.

So these suggestions sound very basic and realistic for even the busiest women, are you sure this would help?

Before I answer, let’s do the math…

So, if we add in 15 minutes of in-home training a day that would add up to 105 minutes of extra training a week, not bad!

Now if we did 105 extra minutes a training every week we would have added an extra 420 minutes a month. Yes, that’s 7 hours of added training a month!

So, yes adding an extra 7 hours of training would help, a lot!

I hoped this quick but powerful article has you thinking about ways you can add fitness into your everyday life. And when you’re ready to pursue a long term body transformation we’ll be waiting for you at Fuse Fitness Studio.

We are accepting new clients again so please do not hesitate in emailing us at or texting us on our private line at 412-500-9339.

Talk soon and get to work:)

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