So there are hundreds of things I could share with you that would help you improve your fitness in 2019 but I know you’re busy so I want to give you my top 3 actions you should do to transform this year.

As always, they will require ACTION for them to work so write them down and get to work as soon as possible.

Okay, here are 3 simple ways to dramatically improve your fitness in 2019…

Step #1: Add 10 Minutes of Flexibility Training (Daily)

If you’re over 30, like myself and most of my closest friends, we all have ONE major obstacle that is rarely talked about at local gym and fitness classes. This real life obstacle is a stiff body. Sure, it varies depending on the person but we all have 1 or more areas in our body that do not move well. That doesn’t sounds like a big deal until you learn that even ONE area of stiffness in your body can suck the life out of your workout. Why? Well, a stiff area restricts you from performing certain exercises. Yes, the best exercises require you to move well and not be restricted by stiff and immobile joints.

If you want better results add 10 minutes of stretching, every day. While 10 minutes doesn’t sound like much, it will dramatically improve your results if you’re consistent. Just think, the less restricted areas in your body, the more exercises you’ll be able to perform without being limited by stiff and immobile areas in your body.

Habit #2: Simplify Clean Eating


If we can be honest, most of us are too busy for complicated diets. These diets require a ton of time, attention and work which very few of us have. So, if you want to eat clean and be lean year round you’ll need to simplify your nutrition to ensure you get the best results possible, without spending a lot of time doing so.

To simplify your nutrition, you want to find 2-3 clean meals that you LOVE for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, just 2-3 clean meals that you love can radically transform your life and body. Of course you can enjoy other meals but you need 2-3 “go-to” meals that you can rely on every week. For instance, I have cold-pressed juice for breakfast and a salad at Whole Foods every day. Sure, I add some variety to these by trying different foods but I keep is very simple by focusing on juice for breakfast and a salad for lunch. Oh, and for dinner we normally focus on crock pot or Instant Pot recipes so we can make things in bulk for multiple days.

Sure you can add variety but FIRST you need some consistent go-to meals that you can rely on every week for the best results possible, while not spending much time or energy doing so.

Habit #3: Embrace Full Body Strength Training

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goal is, full body strength training will greatly enhance your results. Yes, strength training will even help with weight loss if that’s your primary goal. Actually, we’ve seen strength training make a significant impact with those who want to lose weight. Keep in mind you want to focus on full body strength exercises to ensure more muscles get used and more results follow. Yes, this means that sitting on a machine and only focusing on one muscle at a time isn’t going to cut it if you want the best results possible.

So there you have it, three simple and highly effective ways to produce amazing results in 2019. If you do one of them you’ll get fair results. If you do two of them you’ll get good results. And yes, if you do all three you’ll get great results.

If you need help in learning the most effective flexibility exercises, simple clean eating recipes and the best full body strength exercises we’d love to help. Simply email us at if you want to start your fitness journey. We’ll be waiting for you!

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