I’m sure you’d agree that none of us have time to waste on ineffective exercises.  And yes, some exercises are not effective at producing great results.  Just like all food isn’t healthy, not all exercises are good for you.  With hundreds of new man-made exercises and machines it’s fair to say there’s an endless stream of ineffective exercises and fitness trends that we need to avoid.

That said, some trends are more harmful and ineffective than others.  As all of our incredibly busy clients in the 50+ community would agree, they simply don’t have the time to waste on ineffective exercises and fitness trends.

They want to get a great workout in and move on with their day ASAP…

We want to break down the 3 most common fitness trends that are obstacles for all adults, especially the 50+ community.  Avoid these 3 dead end roads to avoid wasting your time.


Most fitness programs in 2018 will be focused on high impact training.  This form of high impact, high intensity training should be avoided at all costs if you plan on enjoying your joints and body in the years to come.  Sure, it’s fast and you’ll sweat like crazy but at what cost?  It’s at a very high cost and I’m not referring to the price.  High impact training takes a toll on the body that isn’t worth the results that may come with it.  If you’re in the 50+ community you’d easily agree that a new injury is the last thing you want from your workout. You have things to do and sitting in a physical therapy clinic getting rehab is the last place you want to be.


While high impact training is at one end of the spectrum, seated exercises is at the other.  Sure, sitting down to workout is normally very safe which is great but it’s also highly ineffective.  The last thing someone in their 50s, 60s and 70s needs is an oversimplified or basic workout.  The 50+ community needs a challenging workout that is specific to their goals.  Most adults sit far too much as it is so the last thing you should be doing is sitting again for your workout.  The years of sitting have made us stiff, immobile and weak.  Let’s focus on exercises that allow us to move freely and not be restricted in a chair.


One of the most common issues for the 50+ community is that their workouts are far too random.  There’s no assessment, evaluation or plan for their fitness program.  The best results come from a great plan and this goes for any field (finances, education, etc.).  For someone to see great results it starts with an assessment then a plan to ensure it happens.

There you have it, 3 trends to avoid in 2018 if you want great results…

For those in the 50+ community who want a highly effective done-for-you workout you’re in luck if you live near the South Hills of Pittsburgh…

This January we’re launching a new fitness program that is specifically designed for busy adults in the 50+ community who truly don’t have the time to waste on ineffective workouts.

We’re calling this incredible new training program A50.

As you may have realized, 99% of fitness programs do NOT specialize in training the busy adults in the 50+ community.

The busy person in the 50+ community deserves a program that is specifically designed for their specific body and goals.  Our new A50 workout will be challenging but also smart at the same time.

You won’t find high impact or overly aggressive exercises in A50.  All of the exercises used in A50 will be zero impact to ensure your joints feel as great as the rest of your body.

This program will officially launch Monday, January 8th.  While the original 30 spots are taken we did decide to add 7 more spots.

To learn more about this incredible program email us at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com.  We’d be happy to tell you more about this exciting new program that is designed specifically for busy adults like you.

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