Any Pittsburgh personal trainer would agree, certain habits are required for someone to reach and sustain a fit body…

That said, what are the top 3 habits that actually allow you to be fit year round? While there is a long list of good habits there are a few that make or break your results.

These top three healthy habits are likely the most important things that every busy adult should strive for and conquer.

Write these out and put them on your fridge, they may be what take your health and fitness to the next level before 2019 arrives.

Fit Habit #1: They Greatly Limit Processed/High Sugar Foods…and Alcoholic Drinks

If you want a lean, healthy and fit body it all starts with food. If you’re eating junk too often, you should expect garbage results. So, someone who is fit year round greatly limits the amount of high sugar, processed foods that they consume. Sure, they’ll have a small slice of cake at a birthday party but they stop after that. They know that consuming garbage will destroy all of the other wonderful things they’re doing for their health.

Cutting out high sugar treats and processed foods is priority #1 for everyone reading this brief article. Master this mindset and habit and you’ll be well on your way.

Fit Habit #2: They Make Eating Clean Simple

Most people who are truly fit do not follow strict diets and obsess over counting calories all day long. Why? Well, it’s simply too complicated or not sustainable. They keep their meals fairly simple and they rarely make dramatic changes to their weekly food options. If you visit a Whole Foods you’ll likely see some very healthy people enjoying a simple salad there every day. They know it works and it’s easy to sustain so why over complicate things. Sure, we all want to enjoy our meals and try new foods but don’t over-complicate things.

If you’re a busy adult, stick with simple meals to ensure long tern sustainable results. After removing processed, high sugar foods you’ll want to see how you can make clean eating simple and sustainable for your lifestyle.

Fit Habit #3: They Avoid Injuries & Train Safe

Like crash diets, overly aggressive workouts will produce results early on but will fail you in the long run. As most people have learned the hard way, overly aggressive workouts leave your body with more injuries than results. Sure, a 19 year old college athlete can and should push the limits but busy adults over 30 simply can withstand the abuse these workouts provide. Some will deny this fact but all will learn sooner or later that they need to train smart. So, if you want amazing, long term results think LONG TERM. When your workout injures you it greatly slows down or even stops you from moving forward with new results.

Train smart, avoid high impact exercises that leave your body more beat up than fit when it’s all said and done. Don’t believe the hype, busy adults over 30 can’t train like 18-23 year old athletes and expect things to go well. Sure, there are exceptions but 99% of us are not the exception to this rule.

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