We have bad news regarding your workout.

But keep in mind it’s not you, it’s definitely the workout. It was never meant to work for you. Most workouts will fail you in 1 of these 3 ways…leaving you heartbroken and looking for something else.

Here are the 3 reasons why you and your workout were never meant to be…

Reason #1 It’s Not For You

None of us have the same exact body, so why would we copy someone else’s workout? Sure, it initially seems like it would make sense to do the same workout everyone is doing in the class, gym or streaming video but this couldn’t be further from the truth. At the end of the day, your body will require different exercise variations to ensure you’re getting the right “dosage” of each exercise. It may actually be easier to think of exercises as medication. Remember, you do take specific amounts of fitness every time you train. The more reps you take and the heavier the weight is, the higher the dose becomes. Meaning, not everyone requires the same exact amount based on their unique needs, right? Someone who’s more advanced will require higher doses of exercise since their body is used to training and is ready for more. While someone who is starting from scratch requires VERY low doses of exercise to ensure their body can handle it. There’s only one you…so train like that’s the reality and stop following someone else’s workout.

Reason #2 It’s Too Random

People love change. They love to see and try new things especially when it comes to fitness. Sure, your fitness program should change over time but most take this to an extreme. Behind every great workout is a plan. A plan to ensure the person is progressing at the appropriate pace. If your workout is random, your results will also be random, at best. If this is your workout, walk away and never look back. If you think about it when does randomly doing anything make sense? What you need is a consistent plan that progresses over time, not dozens of random exercises thrown into a pile and called a workout.

 Reason #3 It’s Too Aggressive

People also love high intensity workouts. These workouts make them feel alive, not to mention they can also be fun. That said, most of you have found out there’s far more hype than results behind the high intensity movement. While fun and entertaining, they are also careless. These workouts focus less on quality (proper technique, coaching, etc.) and more on quantity (getting more reps in). When this happens your technique is sacrificed and your body suffers from new injuries every year. So, you’ll need to increase the intensity as you progress but it needs to be in such a way that isn’t destroying your body. If your entire workout is focused on high intensity interval training than you need to ask yourself if this is a good idea for YOUR body. Most adults should avoid this style of training like the plague since the injury rates for this method of training are through the roof.

When you’re ready for a program that was designed for YOUR body based off of YOUR goals email us at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com so we can take care of you…

Your deserve better:)

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