Sure, it’s a long stretch, but if you had a magic fitness genie, what would be your fitness wish be? In other words…if you could demand your workout to do anything you wanted it to do, what would it be? Now write that down:)


We’re going to guess you want to…

a. LOOK better (lose fat, tone up, etc.)

b. FEEL better (increase energy, less pain, decreased stress, etc.)

c. MOVE better (greater flexibility, mobility, improved full body strength, etc.).


After speaking with hundreds of people just like you over the last decade we’ve found that nearly every adult fits into one of the categories above. The problem is that most US adults only go after one of the goals listed above (looking better, feeling better or moving better). It’s time to change that mindset. Sure, losing weight is fine but don’t you also want to improve your strength, posture, energy, stress levels, core function and flexibility?


If your workout isn’t giving you ALL three, your workout is broken. Below are the three signs that let you know your workout isn’t effective or not as effective as it should be.




We hear it all the time…“I was getting really fit and even lost weight then I hurt my knee (or another joint) doing box jumps (or another exercise)”. What this person is saying is their workout made them LOOK good (lost weight, etc.) but they FEEL worse (created new injury). Sure, mild strains may occur on rare occasion but significant injuries should never happen. If your workout injures you, then there’s not a chance you FEEL good. When this is the case it’s a clear sign your workout is severely broken and in need of help.



Most of us have a wonderful, well-meaning friend who works out 5-7 days a week and rarely loses a pound, in spite of an amazing effort at their gym. This person may FEEL better because of their newly found strength and endurance but has yet to see significant changes on the outside (fat loss, toning, etc.). Food is the most important part of a fitness program. Period. If your workout isn’t fueled with the proper nutrients it’s highly unlikely you’ll shed excess body fat, leaving you frustrated. If your workout isn’t helping you LOOK good it’s obviously broken and in need of support.



Most workout trends and fads skip over flexibility and balance work as if they don’t exist. You’ll see a quick warm up and cool down but that’s it. This is a huge mistake. Yes, you should perform a warm up but also include flexibility and balance drills into the workout to ensure there’s an emphasis on preventing stiffness. One of the first signs of feeling old is feeling stiff. You know, when you go to get off the floor and things feel a bit more restricted. Also, as we age our balance falls off the charts. You should easily be able to balance on one foot or walk across 2x4s without struggle. If you’re not becoming more mobile every month with noticeable improvements in your balance than your workout is broken.

Is it challenging creating a workout that will get someone to LOOK, FEEL and MOVE better, absolutely! At Fuse the training team can literally spend hours designing a single workout to ensure it covers a wide spectrum of benefits (fat loss, strength, endurance, flexibility, energy, etc.).

If you want to experience Pittsburgh’s most comprehensive workout email the Fuse training team at to reserve your complimentary workout.


If you’re looking for something outside of the cookie-cutter fitness fads…you’ve found it:)

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