While having a packed schedule makes getting fit more challenging we’ve found there are 3 key steps you can take to overcome your busy lifestyle. By taking the 3 steps below you’ll find a more fit and healthier version of you in no time.

We’ve used these 3 steps ourselves and with an endless number of real clients so we know they’re effective. The question is, will you take action after reading this post? We hope that’s a yes!

Okay the first step every busy person must take if they want to take their fitness serious is…


1. Wake Up 10 Minutes Early (Everyday)


Sounds simple, right? Well guess again, this first step is actually one of the more challenging ones to be consistent with. Setting your alarm clock to go off 10 minutes earlier than normal is the first step to taking your fitness to the next level. While it’s hard to say what you should be doing since there’s hundreds of different people reading this, we can tell you that we ALL could use some additional mobility and flexibility exercises. As a busy adult one of the first things to to go is flexibility. Perform some hip bridges and body weight squats and belly breathing exercises for 10 minutes every morning and you’ll soon notice your body feeling more mobile.

2. Take a 10 Minute Brisk Walk or Light Run (Everyday)

So, if you already consider yourself fit this may be a light run as opposed to a brisk walk but that’s for you to decide. Adding a 10 minute brisk walk or a light 10 minute run can make a significant different in your overall fitness level. That said, be sure to make this a moderately challenging time to ensure you’re not beating up your body. On a scale from 1-10 (1 being effortless, 10 being very difficult) this walk or run should be a 4 or 5.

By adding 10 minutes of flexibility and endurance work in a day which most would agree is realistic, you would be adding in about 5 hours of flexibility AND endurance work in every month. Yes, these small 10 minute flexibility and endurance sessions add up fast.


3. Strength Training 3x A Week

Getting stronger and maintaining lean muscle becomes very important as we age. One of the ways to ensure you remain strong and vibrant is to add in a structure strength training program 3 days a week. Sure, with your busy schedule this may be the most challenging step but it will be well worth it. A good strength program doensn’t have to be long, normally 30-45 minutes will do the trick.

There you have it, 3 steps that appear simple but are often very challenging. We’d recommend you only add in one step per week to make sure you can truly focus on mastering and integrating each step into your busy lifestyle.

For those who are looking for a highly effective done-for-you strength program email the Fuse team at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com to reserve your private studio tour. We’d be happy to make life easy for you by creating a highly effective and quick strength training program.


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