So, what do you think of when you hear the word “cardio”? For a lot people they think about someone working out at a local Pittsburgh personal training studio on the common cardio machines (rower, bike, treadmill, etc.) while others envision someone running.

While these modes of cardio training are all acceptable I think most of us would agree that we need a change since these are the same things we were doing 2-3 decades ago.

It’s almost 2019 so we wanted to give you 3 ways to instantly improve your cardio by switching things up and getting away from what’s been the norm for several decades now.

Here are 3 easy ways to instantly improve your cardio…

#1 Use Less Machines, And More of You

Cardio machines offer some benefits without a doubt. They’re often joint friendly and allow you to improve your endurance. That said, these machines also greatly limit what your body is capable of doing since you’re stuck moving in the same direction with little variety. Your body was made to move in different planes and angles so the end goal should be to explore different movements to ensure your body is getting the most out of the endurance workout.

So, if someone loves to run on a treadmill they should try to get outside and work on running sideways, backwards, over obstacles (small hills) and even on uneven surfaces. This will allow your body to explore different challenges which will greatly enhance your results.

At the end of the day, don’t limit yourself to one repetitive motion. Your body is capable of exploring more, so take advantage of it!

 #2 Train For Form, Not Numbers

People love numbers. Whether it’s looking at their heart rate, calories burned, miles ran or something else people love to look at numbers. While looking at these stats are perfectly acceptable we’re forgetting about something far more important. The most important part of your endurance training should never be your calories burned, miles ran, etc. The most important part of any endurance-based workout should be your form and technique.

I’ll use running as another example since most are familiar with it. When someone starts running they often set a goal to run a set number of miles. Again, not a bad idea but the problem is the focus should be on mastering their running form first. Running 5 miles with poor form only leads to a looooong list of new injuries. If you want long lasting results focus on mastering the form first, then create a list of fun goals like miles ran, calories burned, etc. This goes for all endurance based workouts, not just running.

 #3 Minimize Impact, Maximize Results

If you’re a busy adult over 30 you likely have a busy life and don’t have time for new injuries. One of the best ways to reduce injuries is to limit high impact exercises. So, while jumping on wooden boxes and running on concrete can certainly help improve your cardio you have to also realize there’s a price to pay for higher impact training. The truth is your body after a certain age simply prefers a lower impact workout. Sure, there are always exceptions but most busy adults need to watch themselves to ensure they’re not doing more harm than good.

If you’re ready to experience an endurance-based workout that focuses on high quality form, low impact, full body exercises then we’d highly recommend you reserve a spot in our Urban Endurance workout. This workout we created for busy adults who want better endurance without the injuries or boredom associated with most cardio workouts.

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