The fitness industry can learn a lot from different disciplines, especially when it comes to yoga. While we do not offer a yoga specific training program at Fuse we do share a few of yoga’s key elements to build highly effective training programs.


Below are the 3 key elements that you can steal from yoga today to transform your workout and body…

#1 They Don’t “Workout”, They “Practice”


Yoga practitioners focus on mastering their practice (form, technique, breathing, etc.) instead of wasting their energy on random exercises and workouts that lead them nowhere. They know by mastering and progressing the foundational yoga movements they will transcend to higher levels of fitness. Getting a stronger and leaner body requires new skills (coordination, timing, balance, etc.), which requires practice.

The truth is, the adult body desperately needs to practice how to move again. Decades of sitting have left our bodies in a stiff and frail state. Remember, hundreds of sloppy reps are not as effective as ten done perfectly. Practice your form instead of rushing through sloppy reps and watch your fitness level skyrocket. And yes, this takes time and patience, which is rare in our fast paced culture.

#2 They’re Experts in Bodyweight Training


A good yoga practitioner focuses primarily on one “tool”, which is his or her own bodyweight. There’s nothing flashy about it, it’s their body, a mat and the floor. Sounds a bit too simple until you try placing both palms on the floor (while standing) or performing the perfect headstand.

Bodyweight training is a lost art that has been forgotten about since fitness equipment has been marketed to the masses. If you’re serious about transforming your body, master the bodyweight basics (full squat, plank/pushup, bridge, pull up, etc.) before you start sitting on machines. Somewhere between 80-90% of adults cannot perform the basic body weight movements with excellent form. Why? They’ve yet to spend time practicing them.

#3 They Make Clean Eating A Priority, Not A Secondary Thought


While we all know food choices are vitally important a good yoga practitioner makes their nutrition a priority. They realize that poor nutrition will always destroy results, regardless of how great the session or workout is. Food is always the most important part of a training program, never secondary. It’s never a 30-day fix but instead the primary focus all year, every year.

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Enjoy your week!

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