So there’s no such thing as the perfect workout but there are a few workouts busy women should avoid if they want to see long term, sustainable results in 2019. Of course if one is not seeking long term, sustainable results than this short article may not apply to them.

As always, I’ll keep it short and to the point since you have things to do today:)

Here are the 3 types of workouts you should avoid in 2019…

Workout To Avoid #1: The Path To Nowhere Workout

A very common theme with fitness franchises and other group workouts is to have NO plan in place. In other words, the workouts are random without a purpose, other than getting participants very tired. Your body is highly complex, as you know, and it requires a workout that is well planned with a purpose. At Fuse Fitness Studio we often have our members progress through a workout 6 times before we considering changing it on them. And we’ll sometimes get a new participant who asks, “isn’t it better to change the workout every day?”. Once we get this question we always educate the new client that changing your workout every day is one of the worst things you can do. If you want consistent on-going results you’ll need…

That’s right, consistency. Random workouts with no plan in place are great at making things exciting since you get the new factor every day but these workouts are terrible at producing long term, sustainable results. If you’re looking for a thrill, find one of the many local workouts that will surprise you with something new every morning. If you want results, find someone who knows how to design and progress a professional training program.

Workout To Avoid #2: The Thrill & Kill Workout

Yes, we’ve been warning busy women about ridiculously high intensity workouts for a decade now. Unfortunately, the trend for the most personal trainers is pushing their clients to their breaking point with ultra high intensity workouts. The truth is, the LAST thing a busy adult women needs is beat into the ground with an obnoxiously high intensity workout. Yes, these high intensity workouts leave you depleted and sore for a week but they also open up the door for a long list of new injuries. If you want long term, sustainable results your number one priority should be avoiding workout related injuries. If you want real, long term results you’ll need to carefully rebuild your body, not destroy it with a mindless high intensity, high impact workout. Your body deserves better than that. Train smart by progressively increasing the intensity of your workout over time opposed to forcing reps that are sloppy and careless.

And no, being sweaty and sore does NOT automatically mean the workout was a success. If that was the case I’d crank the heat up and fill my fitness studio with cardio machines and then call it day. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Busy women need to enhance their flexibility, core, balance, mobility and strength which take time, patience and coaching to improve in. Sure, cardio work is a one piece of the pie but we shouldn’t make it everything since the results will be lacking, to say the least.

Workout To Avoid #3: The Groundhog Day Workout

Okay, so on one extreme you have obnoxiously high intensity workouts while on the other extreme you have workouts that are always the same. Sure, consistency is key but we still need to progress when it’s time or you’ll enter a life long fitness plateau. This workout is commonly seen at local gyms and in someone’s in home gym. The person often gets comfortable with a routine and stays with it for far too long. If you want NEW results every month you’ll need to progress all of the exercises and movements that you’re doing. Sure, the rate at which someone progresses will vary depending on each person but please know that things need to become more appropriately challenging as time goes on to ensure you’re not reliving the same results every day.

So there you have it, 3 workouts that busy women should avoid in 2019 if they want amazing long term results. That said, if you are looking for a workout that is professionally designed, smart and designed for a busy women’s life and body than we have your perfect workout waiting for you at Fuse Fitness Studio.

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