If we can be honest, we all have at least one fitness goal that we’d like to accomplish. Sure, not all of us are actively pursing these goals but they’re still there. Most fitness goals fall into one of three categories. You either want to LOOK better (lose weight, tone up, etc.), FEEL better (improve energy, stamina, etc.) or MOVE better (decrease stiffness, improve mobility, etc.).

So which is it for you? Do you have a desire to move better, feel better or look better? Oh, and it’s possible that you want all 3.

Regardless of what the goal is, we follow a very clear and concise method of accomplishing goals at Fuse Fitness Studio. We’ve been using it for a decade now so we’re very confident that it will work for you as well, assuming that you follow it closely:)

Here is the 4-step process to crush any fitness goal…

Step 1: Assessment

While this is the obvious first step in every industry when you need to fix or improve something the fitness industry often “forgets” to assess first. When something is wrong with your car your mechanic first assesses the situation before working on anything, right? Before your dentist extracts a tooth she’ll first assess what needs done, right? Of course, so when you want to address any fitness goal you’ll also need a professional assessment before attempting to fix or address anything. If you skip this step you’re literally guessing at what your body needs. You’ll do a little stretching here, maybe some strength exercises there, add in a couple cardio classes over there and cross your fingers hoping you arrive at your goals.

Your body needs more than random doses of fitness sprinkled in throughout the week. Sure, moving your body is great but if you have specific goals, you’ll need a specific plan. No two bodies are the same so every person will need specific direction on what to do.

Step 2: Food Journal

One of the primary hurdles between you and your fitness goal is FOOD. For most people, they do not take in enough of the right stuff (whole foods, water, etc.) and they often take in too much of the unhealthy stuff (processed foods, alcoholic drinks, etc.). One of the first steps to reaching any fitness goal is starting a food journal. This will allow you and possibly a coach to assist you in improving your food choices. Poor food choices always equal poor results.

Step 3: Stretch More

Trying to “workout” with a stiff body is like driving your car with the e-brake partially on. Meaning, you can do it but not well. Most people are far more stiff than they realize. One of the most important parts of an assessment (see step 1) is having a fitness professional find where you’re stiff and immobile. These areas of stiffness needs addressed ASAP. Most adults don’t see great results since they’re unable to move into full range of motion, which can be very frustrating. Most adults are only able to do partial versions of the exercises due to limitations in their flexibility. The fact of the matter is, partial range of motion equals partial results. If you’re over 30 years old know that becoming more flexible should be part of your daily routine if you want the best results possible.

Step 4: Master Proper Form

Your form will make or break your results. If you want great results you’ll need to train with excellent form. Simply being busy with random exercises won’t do much if the form is not up to par. Working out with poor form is like practicing a golf swing with poor technique. In other words, thousands of reps done with poor form doesn’t make one more fit or skilled. Using poor form will likely do more harm than good since your joints will likely take a beating. If you want amazing results you’ll need amazing form. Period. Poor form leads to achy joints, excessively sore muscles and poor results.

By addressing these 4 steps above you’ll soon realize your several steps closer to accomplishing your fitness goals. For those who do live in south hills of Pittsburgh we’d be happy to give you step 1 (the professional assessment) for free.

Without the initial assessment you’ll be guessing at what you need in regards to fitness instead of having a clear understanding of what you need. You’re truly unique, there’s only one you so you’ll need specific advice based on your body.

We’ll be reserving 5 complimentary fitness assessments this week for folks who’ve yet to experience Fuse so contact us ASAP at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com to reserve you assessment.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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