We should start by saying no personal trainer is perfect and we ALL have a lot to learn. That said, there are a handful of personal trainers out there that you should consider avoiding. Some of these trainers actually mean well but lack the knowledge and skills while the others are known for creating injuries with their careless training methods. Here are the 4 personal trainers that you should avoid if you’re serious about getting fit in 2017…

1) The Cardio Queen


This trainer LOVES cardio, and when we say “cardio” here we’re referring to aerobic training that is often done on a piece of equipment (elliptical, bike, treadmill, rower, bike, stair climber, etc.).  While aerobic training is a key component in every fitness program it should be kept in check. Neglecting or even limiting mobility and strength training is a poor decision since these two play a major role in someone’s health and fitness. People are often drawn to this type of trainer since they are covered in sweat after every training session, which is okay, but you’ll need to ask yourself if you’re missing other key components such as mobility/flexibility, balance training, nutrition coaching, strength training, etc. There are many pieces to the puzzle and the cardio queen often focuses on one.

2) Billy Biceps


Billy is highly popular at most healthy clubs. You can probably spot him from a mile away since his 240 pounds of muscle can easily stand out in a crowd of people. His shirts are snug and his attitude may be poor since his head may have inflated with his biceps. Billy may actually be an expert on body building, which can be a good thing if you want to compete as a bodybuilder. That said, most of the population does not want to look, train, or eat like a bodybuilder. If you’re not pursuing bodybuilding you may want to avoid training with Billy, since he’s most likely going to train you like a bodybuilder, which is less than effective for the general population.

3) The Facebook Friend, Turned Trainer


This well meaning friend often wants to do good by helping her friends, family and community get more fit.  Unfortunately, there’s a tremendous amount of experience required before you should start coaching people independently without a mentor close by. If this is your friend please use caution before you train with them since a good heart doesn’t always transfer over to a safe and effective workout.

4) The Tough Guy Trainer


The “tough guy” trainer is easily the worst of them all. In their eyes, more is better, no matter how you get there. Their workouts are painfully difficult without any real goal in mind other than to leave all participants very tired and in most cases completely exhausted. They are often found screaming for their clients to push to the next level while neglecting to first check their client’s technique, which is often poor. People are often drawn to this trainer and training method since you’re guaranteed to feel like you’ve worked out hard. Unfortunately, training to exhaustion every workout with questionable form will leave you with more injuries than success. Even with perfect form, the average adult should avoid training like this since the next injury is still waiting around the corner. As you may know, after 25 we don’t recover the same so these new injuries may stick around for much longer than they did at 17. If you decide to work with this trainer you’ll need to make friends with a good physical therapist and chiropractor since you’ll be visiting them every other month.

There you have it, 4 trainers and training methods that you should avoid if you want long lasting and sustainable results. While the perfect trainer or training method doesn’t exist an excellent training program does start with a proper body analysis.

Having a professional body analysis allows the trainer to design a program based around YOUR specific needs. The Fuse Training Team will be giving away 5 free body analysis’ over the next 10 days so be sure to reserve yours by emailing us at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Fuse Training Team

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