As personal trainers and coaches it’s fair to say we ALL have a lot to learn. That said, there are some common things that some personal trainers do that lead you away from your goals. Yes, some personal trainers and coaches are actually making people worse in the long run. We’ve compiled the checklist below to help guide you in 2018 so you won’t fall into these common traps due to poor coaching.

#1 They’ll Give You Their Favorite Diet


Most trainers simply recommend the diet that works for them. Which makes sense until you look a little deeper. Think about it, just because a particular diet worked for a trainer does NOT mean it will work for you. Most trainers are a bit extreme which allows them to follow diets that are unrealistic for 99% of the population. Before blindly following a trainer’s diet you need to first ask yourself if it’s realistic. It’s likely not realistic for you so don’t be afraid to let them know it’s not going to work. It’s their job to coach you and giving out cookie cutter diet plans is not coaching.

#2 They’ll “Forget” To Assess You


If you want to take your fitness to the next level in 2018 you’ll first need to know where you are, right? You’ll need to know where you’re weak and immobile before you attempt a new training program. Each person requires specific coaching based on their body’s limitations and the only way to find out what these limitations are is through an assessment. If the trainer is throwing exercises at you without the proper assessment you need to get out quick. This trainer is literally guessing at what you need. You could have stayed at home and guessed at what you need.

#3 They Don’t Have a Plan

A real fitness program has a plan. It should have a starting point with a clear path planned out to ensure your success. Ask the trainer to explain their plan for you and if they stumble over this question you’ll need to fire him/her. Why? It’s because they have NO plan for you. Get a refund and move on. They’re paid to understand the process and not having a plan means they’ll lead you down a long road that doesn’t involve your goals being met.

#4 They Hurt You


Most trainers and fitness classes in 2018 will try to impress you with an outrageously difficult workout. You’ll leave each workout completely fatigued and likely sore for days after. Initially you’ll be impressed since you always “feel” like you got a good workout. That said, you’ll soon realize the reality of theses obnoxiously difficult workouts. In about 1-2 months you’ll notice your joints hurting you and maybe even 1 or 2 new “small” injuries. These workouts are slowly doing more harm than good. If the trainer is set on getting you as tired as possible every workout we recommend you get out as soon as you can. A great workout doesn’t involve you being ran into the floor with excessively high reps and exercises. A great workout and coach will focus on the quality of your training and progress you when you’re ready. You can easily get yourself incredibly tired, right? You invest in a trainer to get you BETTER not BEAT UP.

There you have it. If you see these 4 training methods you’ll need to run in the other direction. You deserve great results in 2018, not lead astray by what you thought was a professional.

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