We almost can’t go a single day without hearing about a new fitness program, diet or piece of exercise equipment that just came out. That said, not everything “new” is safe or effective. Honestly the majority of it is not, as you likely already know.

Fitness trends and fads come and go like the seasons and most people are stuck chasing their tail as these trends are fading in and out. This leaves most people frustrated because of inconsistent results.

Below are 5 real life tips that have worked for hundreds of people that we’ve trained over the years. They’re simple, realistic and safe for all fitness levels.

Instead of chasing a new shiny object in 2018 master these 5 foundational tips in 2018 and you’ll be quite pleased.

#1 Progressively Improve Your Food Choices

Improving your nutrition is always the most important step when taking your body and health to the next level. The problem is that most people try to make dramatic changes overnight, which doesn’t work. This is what most call “dieting”. Instead focus on improving ONE area at a time. Remember improving your food choices is like improving your fitness, it’s a planned process, not an overnight success. If you want long term results, work on changing your food choices one area at a time. If your water intake is poor start there.

Create a checklist of your 5 weakest areas when it comes to food and check ONE off at a time. This will allow you to build long term behaviors which equal long term results.

#2 Move, Move, Move and Move Again.

While most people living in the South Hills of Pittsburgh are very busy, this does NOT mean they’re active or healthy. To transform your body and health in 2018 you’ll have to get used to moving very often. Do you have steps in your home, apartment or work? Great, start to make it a goal to spend 15-20 minutes a day briskly walking or running up them. Start with 5 minutes and slowly progress when you’re ready. Do you have kids? If so, keep them moving by taking them on walks at the mall, park, etc. Take a few minutes today to think about how you can integrate activity into your daily life. You’ll have 168 hours in each week, how many of these will involve intentional activity?

#3 Get Some Accountability, ASAP


Regardless of your current fitness level, adding weekly (maybe even daily) accountability will ensure you’re moving towards your goals in 2018. Even the world’s top trainers and athletes hire mentors and coaches for on-going accountability since they understand it’s necessary to get to the next level.

#4 Have a Plan


We say or write this one every week since most people skip this step, which may be the most important step. If you’ve ever worked with a financial advisor you know that this person is very serious about PLANNING and setting financial goals to ensure you’re on track for success. Why would an advisor set a plan for you instead of randomly introducing you to new things every month? Quite simply, because a plan works while random and unorganized rarely does. When it comes to your health and fitness it’s no different and actually most would agree their health is a bit more important than finances:) Set a plan and have SPECIFIC goals for 2018. Based off those specific goals create a plan to ensure you accomplish them.

#5 Hire a Coach

The Fuse training team has over a decade of training experience in the fitness industry and we still spend the money and time to invest in the industry’s top mentors and fitness coaches every year. Why? Well, who can say they know it all? Not many, so take action in hiring the right coach for the right job. Once you know your goals, you’ll then be able to hire the right coach. For instance, if you have a goal to become a better swimmer in 2018 you should search and interview coaches that specialize in that area. This coach should also be in charge of holding you accountable AND setting you up with a game plan for 2018.

For those who want to lose fat and tone up we’d highly recommend you come in for a complimentary Fuse Strategy Session. Since we’ve trained and walked HUNDREDS through this process we’ll be able to set you up with a specific plan to guarantee success in 2018.

And yes, we can literally guarantee it.

Email the Fuse Training Team at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com to reserve your complimentary strategy session today.

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