Out with the old, in with the new. Are you up-to-date on the latest rules in fitness?


Popular belief about the most effective exercise techniques to achieve the highest level of fat loss and fitness vary from decade to decade. New studies come out, more data is considered, and we get smarter, more efficient, and more sophisticated in our knowledge and techniques.

Here are 5 NEW fitness rules that will help you take your routine and your body to the next level of success…

1. NEW Fitness Rule: Master The Foundational Exercises

There are about 10 foundational “basic” exercises that 95% (maybe more) of adults have never truly learned how to do with perfect form. Sure, most people have attempted or performed squats, pull ups, pushups, etc. but it’s extremely rare that a person has truly mastered the technique of any of them. Most go through these foundational exercises with poor to moderate form, which always leads to injury and/or minimal results. Learning how to exercise properly is no different than learning how to perform well at a sport. In other words, it takes practice and coaching to gain an understanding of HOW the exercise should be performed. Remember, performing dozens of sloppy reps will make you sore, sweaty and tired but in the long run will create unnecessary stress to your joints and body killing your results in the long run.

2. NEW Fitness Rule: Train Barefoot or Wear Minimalist Shoes


Have you ever tried to get something out of your purse or tie your shoes with bulky winter gloves on? Why was it so challenging and borderline annoying? As you probably can guess, the gloves don’t allow you feel the surface you’re touching making the process of pulling a simple credit card out of your purse far more awkward and challenging.When you perform your lower body strength training movements (squat, lunge, jumping, etc.) with thick running shoes on, the same exact thing happens. As with the glove analogy above, your feet can’t feel the surface making life very difficult for your feet to understand what they need to do. Your feet were made to feel the ground while you move and lift so consider training barefoot or buying a pair of minimalist shoes. Minimalist shoes have very little rubber added to the bottom allowing you to get a much better grasp of the surface below. If you need recommendations on minimalist training shoes email the Fuse Training Team at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com so we can assist you in finding the right shoe for the job.

3. NEW Fitness Rule: Train Your Core…But Leave Out Crunches and Machines


For the last 2-3 decades most people have trained their core in a VERY odd way. They lie on their backs and perform different types crunches or they sit on machines and perform more awkward “crunch-like” movements. If you think about what the center of your body (“core”) does every day the old school core training makes no sense. Your core keeps your straight while carrying a heavy object, it protects your back while lifting things off the ground, it keeps you stable stepping over objects and much more.

Sooooo…. why do we train our core by lying on our back or sitting on machines? Test your core next workout by simply grabbing a moderate to heavy kettlebell (or dumbbell) with one hand and going for a short walk. Be sure to stay tall and switch hands when you get tired. It’s called a suitcase carry and it is 100x more effective at training your core than the old school core exercises. The suitcase carry, like many other great core exercises, trains more than just your core. Don’t forget, in real life your core ALWAYS works together with other muscles to get the job done.

4. NEW Fitness Rule: Know How To Grade Your Workout


How do you know you had a great workout? Think about it for a minute before you answer. What feeling or thought process do you use to initially grade how good a workout is? We can tell you most adults use 4 factors to grade a workout. They often grade a workout on how fun it is, how tired they got during the workout, how much they sweat during the workout and if they were sore the next day. Most of the general population use these 4 factors to judge if they had a “great workout”. As you can see most people judge a workout by how difficult or intense it is.

The good news is having fun, sweating, fatigue and mild soreness can be a good thing. The bad news is these 4 factors are TERRIBLE to use when grading how effective a workout is. Why? First, it’s very easy to make a human tired, sweaty and sore. It doesn’t take a fitness expert to teach how to get sweaty and sore, right? Just sprint up and down a steep hill or steps for an hour and you’ll be fatigued, sweaty and very sore the next day. The best way to grade a workout is to judge it by your skill set. Are you becoming more skilled while you train? If so, your fitness level will skyrocket soon after. The better you understand HOW to train with excellent form the more fit you become, without injuries. It’s 2017, it’s time to rethink what makes a great workout, since anyone can perform mindless exercises and be sore for days.

Think of fitness as a non-competitive sport that you must learn to stay lean, strong and mobile. And as in any sport you would NEVER grade your training session purely on fatigue but instead on how you’re advancing to the next level of skill.

5. NEW Fitness Rule: Know How Fit You REALLY Are?


On a scale from 1-10 (1 being very poor, 10 being exceptional), how would you grade your current fitness level? Keep in mind, when we say “fitness level” we’re referring to the 5 key areas that make you “fit”. These areas include flexibility, mobility, balance, strength and endurance. So, you may be able to run a marathon but if you’re not flexible, mobile and strong then your overall score is much lower than you think. To be truly fit you’ll need to improve in ALL 5 areas. We always recommend people get professionally assessed to understand where they areKiss the last few decades of fitness good-bye, there’s a new way to train and it’s smarter and more calculated than ever. It’s not random and doesn’t focus on simply producing fatigue but instead on teaching and educating people on the proper techniques required to get the best results possible.


Need assistance? Simply email the Fuse Training Team at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com to schedule a studio tour. During this tour we can also show you the direct path to the leaner, stronger and more energized you.

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