Busy moms struggling to get fit…this one’s for you:)


At 36 years old I found myself a new mom of two wonderful boys under 2. In addition to these amazing baby boys I also had a business that required at least 40 hours of work a week to operate – talk about busy! While both my children and the business are wonderful blessings, I now had minimal time for my own fitness. As most of you moms know….newborn + 18 month old + full time work = VERY little extra time.


Below are 5 steps EVERY mom should take to get fit and healthy. Does it take planning, focus and hard work? Absolutely. That said, it’s much easier than 9 months of pregnancy so you can do it this!

#1 Know WHAT Your Goals Are

The first step is writing down your fitness goals since it’s hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going:) Let’s also make them realistic goals that can be accomplished in 8-12 months. Let’s make it a pants size goal. Notice I didn’t say weight loss goal. We’ve had people “only” lose 10-12 on the scale BUT look dramatically different. Why? Well, this person lost body fat AND gained lean muscle, which we call “toning up”. Let’s focus not just on losing fat, but also on getting stronger and more toned.


#2 Know WHY That Is Your Goal

So, let’s hypothetically say you want to drop 2 pant sizes. That’s a great goal but now you need to know WHY that is your goal. Most moms want to get stronger, tone up and lose fat so let’s find out why. For most moms the “why” is because they want to FEEL better and/or LOOK better (not have to squeeze into jeans, not have to avoid photos, etc.). Remember, the why is what gets you out of bed in the morning to train so dig deep and know why. Simply wanting to “lose weight” won’t get you out of bed to train but wanting to get back into your skinny jeans again will. Know the why not just the what…


#3 Know What Your Primary Obstacles Are

These are the things that trip you up 1-3 months into a new training program. For most moms it’s a lack of time, structure and/or support. Knowing these is key since you’ll need a game plan ready day 1 to remove or at least limit these obstacles.


#4 Food Planning

After you have taken some time to answer the 3 questions above you’ll be ready to talk about food. The good news is, we now have Whole Foods, Market District, Fresh Market, Trader Joes, Aldis, and several others who offer unlimited healthy choices. The bad news is, most moms don’t take the time to plan their food for the upcoming week. Most moms end up with very random diets that are too inconsistent to produce amazing results. Do me a favor, take out a piece of paper and write down 1 healthy breakfast, 1 healthy lunch and 1 healthy dinner. Each meal should at least have a vegetable, protein (chicken, turkey, beans, eggs, etc.) and a small amount of healthy fat (oil, nuts, etc.). Also, write down 2 cheat meals that you would like to have that week. There you have it, a full week of planning in 10 minutes. Take the list and go shopping. The next week change your 3 meals to keep things less boring. As we say at Fuse, great results are NEVER boring. Of course, you’re welcomed to add as much variety as you want but remember the more meals you add the more planning, shopping and prepping that you’ve just added to your day. Choose wisely:) If you’re struggling right now, make things simple and then make things as complicated as you wish after you get into a routine. Oh, be sure to stock up on frozen veggies in the early stages since it makes things a bit easier for you.


#5 Plan Your Workout

Okay, you have defined your goals, you know your obstacles, you’ve planned your food for next week and now it’s time to talk about fitness. We say it often but I’ll say it again…you need to be assessed for what YOUR body needs. Where is your body tight, weak, immobile and imbalanced? When your car doesn’t work, somebody assesses it before they work on it. When your tooth hurts you have a dentist assess you before taking action. But when it comes to having a body that is not functioning properly (overweight, weak, tight, etc.) we literally throw random exercises and/or fitness classes at it without a proper assessment. You must know what YOUR body needs…never assume or guess.


Not having a proper assessment in place would be considered crazy in any other industry but the fitness industry. If your mechanic or dentist started randomly fixing things without a thorough assessment you’d be very unhappy with his service and never return. Unfortunately, most women work out for years without ever pinpointing what their body actually needs. At Fuse, we’re so serious about assessing people we’ve turned every warm-up into a mini-assessment. It’s our sneaky way of ensuring every person gets at least a basic assessment:)

The good news is we’re creating a “self-assessment” video this summer which will allow you to perform a general fitness assessment on yourself. It will be a simple way to at least get an overview of your fitness.


In the meantime, I wanted to give 7 lucky moms a complimentary week of training at Fuse from May 15-19th to celebrate mother’s day with you. We can talk all things fitness to ensure you’re on the right path after your week is over:)

To reserve your spot, simply email me (Rachel) at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com so we can talk details.

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