If having a lean, strong, toned and healthy body is your goal then we’ve got good news for you: follow these 5 Workout Secrets (that gyms are NOT telling you) and your goals will quickly become a reality.


Workout Secret #1: Food Comes BEFORE Fitness

The most important part of a fitness program is…YOUR FOOD. It doesn’t matter if your goal is strength, toning, weight loss or performance related, your food choices are most important. The fact is, the best fitness program CANNOT help poor food choices, period. Poor food choices equal poor results. So, if you’re someone with new fitness goals the first and most important questions is, does this program focus on food first? If the program does NOT include nutrition support and coaching, expect poor to average results at best.

Workout Secret #2: STOP Sitting


We just did a blog post recently going over this issue but to quickly recap what we said, your backside should rarely, if ever, be on a seat. Why? Well, your restricted ankles, hips, back and neck are all a byproduct of sitting. These restricted joints are one of your primary obstacles in taking your body to the next level. After improving your food choices, improving your mobility/flexibility is next up in the hierarchy of importance. Your workout should rarely have seated exercises in it, with a few rare exceptions, as always.

Workout Secret #3: RANDOM Workouts don’t Work


We find a way to slide this one in every month since we continue to see people bouncing around from random fitness class to random fitness class. Again, daily activity is great but your body needs consistency and planning for it to progress to the next level. Focus on a PROGRAM opposed to random workouts. A fitness program is a series of workouts that have been specifically planned to progress you to the next level. Like martial arts, they have a specific plan (or program) on how to progress you from a white belt to a black belt. Why? Well, they know the human body requires a specific plan for long-term progress.

Workout Secret #4: You Were Made To MOVE


Sure, we highly recommend everyone follow a structured 2-4 times a week workout BUT you’ll need far more than that for the best results possible. We were made to move, every day, as often as possible. The moment we stop moving or minimize our movement we create a tight, restricted and weak body. While this is a completely separate blog post, you’ll need to find creative ways to stay active in your day-to-day life for the best results possible. Some of the best activity to add in throughout your day includes soft tissue work, core training, endurance training and several others. For the best example of what this looks like watch a group of toddlers for a few hours. They rarely are content sitting on the couch or walking at a snail’s pace though the day. They run, jump, climb, throw, catch and many more. And yes, adults were made to do these as well. Just look at other cultures who perform manual labor seven days a week. You’ll see a people group who are lean, strong, mobile and agile as “senior citizens”. Not tight, restricted, weak and in pain in their mid 30’s.

 Workout Secret #5: It’s a SLOW process

Women Sretching
In 2017, the fitness industry continues to promote the fast fix, the quick overnight success story, that doesn’t actually exist. Why do they continue to promote bogus products? Well, that’s just what most people want. They sell it because people are seeking a fast, simple and automated solution for their fitness. Unfortunately, a quick fix isn’t possible. Just as you can’t suddenly become good at golf, martial arts and basketball, you cannot suddenly become fit. It’s a challenging, slow and sometimes messy process that takes a lot of work, if you want LONG term results.

If you’re serious about getting fit and transforming your body take these 5 workout secrets very seriously. If you master the 5 secrets above you’ll be on your way to a more fit version of you. To schedule your tour of Fuse and learn more about getting fit in 2017, email the Fuse team at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com.

Enjoy your day:)

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