If you’re like most people, the holidays are a time of mixed emotions. You’re excited and anxious to spend time with family, and you’re dreading the extra weight that you know you’re bound to gain. Are these holiday pounds inevitable?

Lean in close to catch these seven secret ways to help you fend off extra weight through the holidays. And once you’re done, don’t keep it a secret. Go tell somebody!

Holiday Secret #1: Listen to Your Body

Sure, this sounds obvious but it’s very rare someone does this. For individuals who love to train be sure you pay close attention that you’re not over training. If you love to train hard, you better love to work on recovery as well. The body desperately needs you to work on soft tissue quality, mobility and some less aggressive training the day following a hard session. If you decide to skip the recovery process be ready for many nagging injuries. For people who don’t enjoy training, listen to your stiff and weak body, it’s screaming for quality movement.

Holiday Secret #2: Confine the Holidays

For some, holidays become weeks and even months of poor eating. Be careful to avoid this pitfall by digging into your holiday foods only on the actual holiday. Treat the other days like normal days—even if you’re off of work. And when the holiday is over, let someone else take the leftovers home and go to your own house without any pudding or gravy in tow.

Holiday Secret #3: Eat First, Party Second

You read right—it’s good to eat a small meal before heading out the door. Have a healthy, well-rounded meal at home with fruits, vegetables, and your protein source of choice. And drink a tall glass of water. Why? So when you get to that holiday party that is overflowing with cookies, cakes, candies, and calories, you’re not as hungry for it. You’ll then be able to enjoy a small plate of whatever you want.

Holiday Secret #4: Learn How To Say NO

People often blame their loved ones for their horrible holiday eating habits. People will often say that they feel obligated to eat the excessive portions that they’re served. This may be true, but don’t fall into this trap. Educate your loved ones beforehand that you’ll be enjoying a normal size plate this holiday season. Some loved ones won’t understand this initially but hold your ground, they’ll eventually get the point.

Holiday Secret #5: Exercise Everywhere

One of the most common excuses for gaining weight is that you have to travel to visit family and just don’t have access to your personal trainer and training studio. Well, guess what? Just because your trainer isn’t staying in the hotel with you doesn’t mean you aren’t accountable! Scope out the area where you’ll be traveling and take advantage of whatever exercise opportunities are available. There may be a gym or pool at your hotel or a nice park nearby where you can walk or run with or without family members.

Holiday Secret #6: Pay Attention to People

Holidays are about family and friends…right? Then stop focusing on food! When you go to a party, there is no need to hang out by the food table when there are people all around you! Ignore the grub and go for the meaningful stuff that you’ll remember and cherish. Besides, it’s much easier to talk without munching and you’ll even listen better when you’re not stuck thinking about how good the next bite is going to be.

Holiday Secret #7: Drink Instead

No, this isn’t a license to drink as much alcohol as you can find, doing that will add lots of useless calories to your waistline. Instead, do your best to make friends with a glass of water everywhere you go. As you mingle with your water glass, you’ll find it challenging to grab more than a couple of finger foods here and there, and the fact that it is water will help you remember to watch what else goes in your mouth!

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