Last week we sent out a newsletter titled “7 Sneaky Ways to Stay Fit at Work”. This newsletter resonated with a lot of people so we decided to post it on our Fuse Facebook page this month along with a couple of nice upgrades making it the “2.0”.

If you want to be as fit and healthy as possible, you’ll need to eat well and stay as active as possible during your day. Most people make the mistake of thinking their scheduled workout is enough, which is never the case. Sure, a structured strength and conditioning program is important but what happens during the other 160+ hours? With 168 hours in one week you’ll need to get creative to ensure your body is getting what it needs.


The question is, how can you squeeze in a little exercise when most of your hours are spent sitting at a desk, meeting in the conference room, preparing for big presentations, etc.? This is a very common question that the Fuse Training Team hears nearly every week.

Read on to find out how to sneak in quality exercise throughout your entire day. Of course not all of these steps will be possible depending on your work situation so plan by adding 2 or 3 of these steps with the hopes of adding in more later.

1. Wake Up 7 Minutes Early.


Setting your alarm clock to go off 7 minutes earlier than it normally would is the first step to taking your fitness up a level. While it’s hard to say what you should be doing since there’s hundreds of different people reading this, we can tell you that we ALL could use some additional mobility and flexibility exercises. It doesn’t have to be complicated though. Performing some hip bridges, body weight squats, diaphragmatic breathing, etc. should do the trick. Be creative, but make the emphasis on mobility, flexibility and breathing exercises.

2. On the Way To Work


To get some quality fitness in before clocking in, you may have a number of options depending on your situation. You can bike or walk to work, perform seated calf raises on the bus or train, or park your car at the far end of the parking lot so you have to walk farther to reach your office. Before you cross this one off think about your situation for a minute.

3. When Doing Mindless Tasks


In most cases, not every task at work requires 100% of your focus. Take a few seconds to think about your posture, are you standing or sitting tall? Chances are you’re not, so be sure to check your posture to avoid slouching.  There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to train hard with a body that is stuck in a poor position. Take time to think about how you’re sitting and standing at work. These little things add up so please don’t skip this step.

4. Every Time You Finish a Task

3d illustration of text 'task' and checkmark, completed task concept

When you first get to work, make a to-do list. Each time you cross a task off your list, give yourself an exercise to do do. This could be quickly walking a couple laps around your work place, standing up and doing a couple quick stretches, or closing your office door and knocking out some slow controlled push ups for sets of 5-10. Actually, some of Fuse’s experienced clientele keep a kettlebell in their workplace and add in sets of 10-20 kettlebell swings throughout the day – talk about effective!

5. Start a Weight Loss Challenge with Co-Workers.


While they are becoming more common, weight loss challenges at the workplace are a great idea. Having a weight loss challenge gets your co-workers involved which can instantly add accountability into the equation which always improves your efforts towards a healthy lifestyle. Just a word of caution, every workplace has that one person that will find  100 ways to annoy you about your new healthy eating habits and active lifestyle choices. Our best advice is to educate them one time and move on. Arguing with them will only drive you crazy, not to mention it’s a complete waste of time.

6. 4-Minute Workout Every Hour on The Hour (EHOH)


A great way to sneak a little fitness into your routine is to sneak in 4 minutes of exercise every hour. Some of you have heard about the training protocol every minute on the minute (EMOM) so we thought we’d do a modified version for your place of work. Sure, with some work places this one won’t be possible, but if you have your own space then do 4 sets of 30-60 seconds planks at the top of every hour. Planks are perfect for this situation since they allow you to engage your body without needing space or training clothes.  You can also rotate through the plank variations every hour to ensure your body is well balanced. For instance, hour one you can do side planks on your forearms (alternating left and right sides) while hour two you can perform traditional planks on your hands facing down.

7. Stay at Work 7 Minutes Later

Women running on stairs

Are there steps at your place of work? If so you’re in luck. Stairs provide an incredible workout for just about any fitness level. Beginners, simply walk up and down the steps for 7 minutes at a comfortable pace. The intermediate fitness level can use walk/run intervals to get more of a workout in. Advance folks can sprint several flights before using the walk back down as the recovery.

Do these sound too “simple” to be effective? You may want to look again. Lets say you’re only able to add #1 (Wake Up 7 Minutes Early), #6 (4 Minutes Every Hour) and #7 (Stay 7 Minutes Early).

By only adding these 3 steps you would instantly add in 18 minutes of training a day. And if you do the math you’ll quickly see these 3 simple steps add in 90 minutes of “bonus” training every week, which ends up being 6 extra hours of training every month. And yes, that’s about an extra 72 hours a year of training.

If you would like to bounce some workplace training ideas off the Fuse Training Team, we would love to hear them. Please email them to!

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