As trainers, we ALL have a lot to learn, the industry is new and constantly being updated with new research and data. That said, we’re seeing some very common problems in the fitness  industry. We’ve compiled the checklist below to help guide you in 2016 so that you won’t fall into these common traps due to poor coaching.

#1 Don’t Start Another Diet


The #1 mistake people will make on January 1st is that they’ll start a new diet. It will most likely be the latest fad or trend that sounds too good to be true, and it unfortunately is. Attempting to revamp your entire nutrition overnight is a VERY bad idea. If you want long term results you’ll need to change a ton of old behaviors and habits. If you want to be successful in 2016 pick ONE area to change every week, then move to the next one once this area is strong. This method is proven and we use it daily with our nutrition coaching at Fuse. We simply layer one new habit in at a time, which allows the person to have a laser like focus without feeling overwhelmed and defeated. The quick diet approach ends the same way nearly every time. It ends with you falling back on poor habits like over eating starchy carbs.

#2 Start Now

Don’t wait until January 1st. Start pursuing your next level right now. People make the mistake of thinking there’s a “better time” and there’s not one. So start taking action as soon as you’re done reading this checklist. Today is as good a time as ever since the other months also have holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, picnics, etc.

#3 Get Assessed – ASAP


If you want to take your fitness to the next level in 2016 you’ll need to know first where you are, right? You’ll need to know where you’re weak and immobile before you attempt to train. Personal Trainers are notorious for just throwing folks into a workout so use caution if you’re starting a new program this year since this one is rarely the client’s fault. We’ve actually created a warm up that allows us to access clients every workout, which has been extremely valuable. We highly recommend you seek out trainer that is FMS (functional movement screen) certified or OSSA (original strength screen and assessment) certified.

#4 Get Mobile


Feeling a little stiff? If so, you’re in need of daily mobility training. Training a stiff body is like driving a car with the e-brake on. In other words, you won’t get too far until you realize you have a real issue. Quality movement comes before higher fitness levels so get moving today. A good assessment, as mentioned in #3, will allow you to see exactly what you’ll need to work on.

#5 Get Strong


Think of strength as the foundation of your house. The stronger the foundation the more you can add on top. A strong man or women (with good nutrition and mobility) can do just about anything. They’re the kind of person that can conquer just about anything physical. And no, women you will not get bulky if you’re in the right program:)

#6 Train Smart, Not Just Hard


Sorry to break the bad news, but soreness and sweat DO NOT equal great results. The truth is, it’s very easy to make a human being tired but teaching someone how to train smart is far more challenging. Performing 100 squats, 100 burpees, 50 pull ups and 50 box jumps can make someone sweaty and sore but this doesn’t mean it was helpful on any level. Going back to #3, everyone needs to know what they actually need before they attempt any program. As we tell everyone, if your program focuses primarily on high intensity training you’ll need to become very good friends with a physical therapist since you’ll be experiencing multiple nagging injuries each year. More is NOT always better so avoid falling into this unfortunate trend in 2016. Just like you wouldn’t take 10 ibuprofens for a mild headache you probably should also reconsider hundreds of mindless reps.

#7 The Secret Sauce: Accountability & Support


Our “secret sauce” at Fuse is the free unlimited support and accountability. Regardless of one’s fitness level having professional accountability and support is a vital component of any strong program. The accountability of doing a weekly nutrition journal ensures one stays on top of their eating habits while the support allows someone to get coaching when they’re taking things to the next level.

We would love to help point you in the right direction in 2016 so we’ll be giving 10 people complimentary assessments. We’ll show you EXACTLY what you need to work on today to get more fit tomorrow.

Please email us at to reserve your spot since we do have to limit it to 10.


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