If I was to ask you how you’re doing today, what would your response be?


Wait, let me guess…


It would be “I’m busy!”, or a variation of that.


And that response is 100% accurate. Women are truly busier than ever.


I’ve personally worked with hundreds of women over the past decade and I’ve noticed there’s a very common theme…


This theme is they are spending a TON of time caring for their family or building a career. And yes, for some it’s both.


And for anyone who has cared for a family and/or built a career knows exactly how time consuming it can be.


Maybe you can relate…


Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time for your personal health and fitness goals?


If so, you’re NOT alone.


Most women in 2019 have limited time and struggle to achieve their fitness goals.


Which makes sense when you think about it…


Whose schedule allows them to comfortably add in 3-5 separate gym appointments into an already packed schedule year round?


Not many.


I’ve seen even my most committed clients of 6+ years having to leave due to scheduling conflicts… after a while it happens to everyone.


I’ve learned life happens to everyone at some point.


Everyone’s schedule changes or they relocate at some point… which forces them to leave their favorite fitness coach.


And for those who do try their best to get to the gym every week, well they know how hard it is to be consistent year round with holidays, travel, family obligations, events, etc.


This may shock you BUT…


Even the most committed gym goers will miss around 4 – 8 weeks (or more) of training by the end of the year after they add up the travel, events, holidays, family obligations, etc.


Yes, that’s 1 – 2 months off a year from their training… which as you could imagine greatly reduces one’s progress and results at the end of the year.


So, I raised a very BOLD question last year…


The question was, do busy women really need to go to a gym or fitness studio to get the results they’re looking for?


The common mindset since the 80s is that one needs to go into a gym or fitness studio to reach their fitness goals… but that was several decades ago.


Shouldn’t there be a more efficient and effective way to reach your fitness goals in 2019?


And after a year of extensive testing and research I learned the answer is…


YES! There is a more efficient and effective way to reach (and surpass) your fitness goals in 2019.


And if you know me, you already know how hard it is for me to confess this since I’ve spent a small fortune and my entire career building a brick and mortar fitness studio.


But I’m not going to lie… I simply found a better way to help busy women reach their goals in 2019 and beyond.


I found a way to bring my fitness studio to YOU.




Yes, I found a way to bring my professionally designed workouts, coaching, support and results to you.


I thought, if most women struggle to get to a gym or fitness studio, why not bring it to them?


So, I created a private “online fitness studio”.


Let me explain…


When I say  “online fitness studio” I’m referring to a fitness and coaching program that can be accessed from ANYWHERE in the world.


Yes, a program that is NOT affected by travel, events, holidays, bad weather, traffic, etc.


All you need is a device that connects to the internet so you can get onto my private coaching website where we can coach, serve and transform you virtually.


Once you log into this private coaching website you’ll be standing (virtually speaking) in my studio.


This means…


You create your ideal schedule. You can train WHEN you want based on your schedule.


This also means you can decide WHERE you train.


Oh, and lets not forget this also means you choose WHO you train with. Yes, you’re allowed to train with friends or alone.


It’s your call.


You get to call all the shots… BUT you still have myself and my small team giving you the unlimited support and coaching you need.


This means you’re not alone and guessing at what you need to do.


You’ll have myself and team at your fingertips all week long, making it almost impossible to fail.


And you may be thinking the results wouldn’t be as good since it’s “online” but the exact opposite is true.


The results are superior in almost 100% of the women who participate.


How do I know?


Well, I took 15 of my in-studio clients (those who trained inside my brick and mortar studio) and placed them in my online program to see what the results would be.




Well, all 15 women are progressing at a faster pace, seeing BETTER results.


Their results and overall experience were better with our online coaching program.


So much better, they ALL stayed with the online program…


And yes, most of these women said initially, “I can ONLY workout in a gym, and I’m not capable of working out on my own so following an online coaching program will never work…”


While I can understand why you feel this why… I can tell you that this isn’t true.


You’re stronger than that and I know with the right support and coaching you can train in many different environments…


Sure, we all prefer a place or location to train but the reality is you can’t limit yourself to a single location for your workouts.


I repeat, you can’t rely on a single location for all of your workouts….


It’s a recipe for disaster.


Our online coaching clients have learned how to train in ALL environments (hotel, home, gym, outside, inside, etc.) therefore their results are superior.


The person who can train in the most environments get the best results. Period.


Why is that?


I can sum it up in ONE word.


That word is CONSISTENCY.




Yes, consistency is the #1 variable that will make or break your results.


The woman who gets the best results will be the most consistent. So, it’s no surprise that our online coaching clients get the best results.


They are the most consistent. That’s it. They took a little time to learn how to train in all environments and their results show.


So, it’s great to have a preferred place to workout, but know that you’ll need to train in different environments if you want AMAZING results.


So here’s the truth.


In 2019 and beyond attempting to force a gym or studio into your schedule 3-5 times a week is only going to get harder.


Sure, I LOVE a brick and mortar gym or fitness studio but the reality is…


It’s nearly impossible to be consistent year round being confined to a single location (ie. gym, studio, etc.).


If you want better results in the future you’ll have to greatly improve how consistent you are with your training.


Are you a skeptic of the whole online thing?


If so, I can promise you that I was a bigger skeptic just one year ago, before I created my online coaching program…


I would smirk every time I heard “online training” since I believed it was a ridiculous method of helping your clients get fit.


That’s until I stumbled on this more effective way to transform my clients.


So, here’s what I want to do for you.


I did a live presentation last week showing EXACTLY how you too can transform your body with LESS hassle and frustration.


In this presentation I showed my 5-step transformation process that I call the “Ascending Results Training System™”….


This 5-step process is the “secret sauce” that we use to coach, serve and transform women just like you.


I’d love to share it with you today, if you’re serious about achieving your fitness goals.


If you’re tired of not getting the results you deserve and want to see the new way women are transforming then send me a quick text…


You can send me a text at 412-500-9339 so I can send you a link to the live presentation as a free gift.


The future of fitness is here… are you ready for it?


Jason “JZ” Zawodniak

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