If you were in a rush today and had time to do ONE leg exercise, which exercise would it be? I know, this is a tough question with a lot of possible answers but take a second and think which leg exercise you would consider to be #1 amongst a long list of leg exercises.

So after a somewhat friendly debate, the Fuse training team agreed that the Pistol Squat is king. We believe the Pistol Squat alone could transform your lower body, when done correctly. I know some of you are not happy and are probably going to email us to argue since we did NOT pick the deadlift, front squat, lunge, kettlebell swing, etc. so let us first explain why we think the Pistol Squat is king.


By the way, for those who may not be familiar with the Pistol Squat, it is a full depth single leg squat. The person starts standing, lifts one of the legs off of the ground, then squats on a single leg taking their backside to their calf, finishing the exercise by standing up on the same single leg you went down on. The picture above shows one of the Fuse trainers at the bottom of Pistol Squat, just before coming back up. It’s very important to note this exercise is supposed to look controlled and stable, not off balance and shaky.

So here are the 5 reasons we think the Pistol Squat is the one stop shop if you want strong, toned and athletic legs. We’re hoping to convince you that if you’re not working on the Pistol Squat you should start ASAP:)

Reason #1 Balance

For some reason most of the fitness industry has forgotten about this thing called balance. You know, the ability to safely control yourself on a single leg. If your balance is poor so is your fitness level at the end of the day. Most lower body exercises focus on having two feet planted on the ground which is fine, but let’s not forget we should be stable and safe on a single leg as well. The good news is that the Pistol Squat is performed on ONE leg, which forces the person to maintain perfect balance if they plan on completing one rep.

Reason #2 Mobility

The ability to move through full range of motion at your ankles and hips is VERY rare in the adult population. If you want bullet proof legs you’ll need to have great mobility in your joints, especially in your ankle and hips. Limited range of motion in these joints equals limited results. The Pistol Squat makes sure your mobility is near perfect before mastering it.

Reason #3 Accessibility


One of the primary factors that made us choose the Pistol Squat above all others is it’s accessibility. You only need 2 items to complete a perfect Pistol Squat, your body and just about any floor. In addition, there’s no equipment and very little space required. So, regardless of where you are, you can literally pick up and take this exercise with you, which you can’t say about most great exercises.

Reason #4 Strength

Not to state the obvious, but once you master the Pistol Squat you’ll notice serious gains in strength. If taking your body to the next level is important to you you’ll need all the quality strength training you can get and the Pistol Squat is guaranteed to deliver incredible strength gains.

Reason #5 Easily Progressed


Progress is everything if you plan on getting as fit as possible in 2016. While some exercises require more space or heavy equipment to progress, the pistol squat can easily be progressed to the next level by adding a kettlebell to the mix. Just one kettlebell that can be stored in any closet in your house.

There you have it, 5 reasons why the Pistol Squat is our pick for the most effective lower body exercise on the planet. While there are many amazing lower body exercises none are as accessible and effective as the Pistol Squat. While we recommend adding other exercises to your program the Pistol Squat should be at the top of your list.

Now to be fair, there is one complaint that some have when it comes to the Pistol Squat and that is that it’s very difficult to do with excellent form. As mentioned at the top of this post,  the Pistol Squat requires great mobility, balance and strength to do just one perfect rep so you’ll most likely have to start with a regression of the Pistol Squat and build up from there. To help you with progressing this amazing exercise we’re creating a video that shows you exactly how to master the Pistol Squat. If you’re serious about getting into shape email us at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com and ask for the pistol squat video. We’ll email you the video link so you can transform your body with the king of lower body exercises, the Pistol Squat. Oh, if you’re already a Fuse member there’s no need to email since we’ll be posting it on our private community Facebook page.


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