Since 2007 I’ve been on the pursuit to find the MOST effective way to coach, serve and transform my awesome female clients.

It’s been a WILD and amazing ride….

I started out doing in home1-on-1 private training in 2007. The people were great but I was only able to help a very small group of women since I was driving all over town.

So I decided to move towards group training. Group training sounded great since I was able to help more women at one location.

In 2009 I launched “Just for Her Fitness”. It was a great program but it was being operated out of two gymnastics studios so we had a lot of scheduling conflicts with the gymnastic studio’s schedule.

In 2011, I finally took the leap and created one of Pittsburgh’s first boutique fitness studios for women. As you may know I used the name “Fuse Fitness Studio” and it’s still helping to serve the amazing women of the south hills of Pittsburgh today.

And you’re probably wondering…

Does Jason think he has something better than Fuse Fitness Studio as we move into the future?

Well, I’m not answering that just yet but I’m always working to make things better.

Over the past decade I’ve learned something that is 100% accurate with every woman I’ve ever trained.

That is, life happens and things come up…

They relocate to a new city. They help a sick family member or friend. They take on a new and busier work schedule. Some retire and travel while others have kids and learn that making it to a studio is too hard… the list goes on forever.

I’ve learned that when life happens, which it does for everyone at some point, I lose another incredible client since they can’t make it into the studio. Actually, I lose 25-35 women a year due to scheduling conflicts, relocations, etc.

To be perfectly honest…

This has been driving me CRAZY for years.

If you know me, you know I’ve spent a small fortune to learn the best of the best when it comes to fitness. I travel the globe learning the best for YOU… sure I love to practice fitness but nothing beats sharing it with others.

So, in 2018 I decided to take action. I started to create a hybrid Fuse Fitness Studio. One that you can’t lose when the things in life come up.

So I locked myself in my office for about 7 months to create this new hybrid fitness studio. I worked every day of the week, often waking up at 3:30am to start my day.

My goal for this new hybrid fitness studio was to ensure that I would be able to serve, coach and transform my clients, regardless of their circumstances.

This means they would have to have access to my programs, coaching and support 7-days a week.

So, I got to work and created an online platform that would host that week’s featured warm ups, workouts, etc.

And since I know they’ll ALSO need top-notch (1) support, (2) coaching and (3) accountability to get the best results possible I added a private text line and email that is reserved specifically for them.

My two greatest concerns when I launched this hybrid Fuse were likely the same as yours…

How do I correct someone’s form and how do they connect with friends in the program?

Both were EASY fixes…

I have a private line specifically for coaching their form. If they have a question about form they take a video with their phone and send it to the private line for coaching.

This means they can take video of themselves working out on the beach and we can correct them. It’s basically like having a private trainer follow you around.

I also created a private Facebook forum for them so they can easily schedule meet up times to work out together, if they so desired.

So I tested this hybrid program out and the results we AMAZING…

Dare I say it produced the best results I’ve seen in a LONG time.

My own mother went from a size 16 to an 8, and she NEVER stepped foot into the studio. Check out her results below… pretty crazy and that’s just one quick case study.

Would you like to test drive Hybrid Fuse?

It’s the perfect blend of HIGHLY personalized workouts with incredible 7 day a week support and coaching. And yes, Hybrid Fuse can be done ANYWHERE since you’ll receive access to our private coaching website.

On this website you’ll have the new warm ups, workouts, training cheat sheets, etc. so you can enjoy the workouts when you want to. And best of all we’ll be working with you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to get a taste I’m accepting 11 new clients into this program on Monday July 15th. If you are interested I’ll send you a list of the requirements so you can confirm you’re ALL in before I accept you into the program.

Oh, Fuse in studio clients are welcomed, of course. Just know you’ll probably have to focus on the hybrid program for 40-45 days.

Okay, don’t wait if you want to test drive what most are calling the “future of fitness”…

Chat soon!

Jason Zawodniak


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