Regardless of where I go the #1 question I hear from family, friends and clients at Fuse is almost always “what’s the best exercise for my abs?”.

It’s a great question since we all want a better mid section but you’ll need to be a little more specific if you want a clear answer. So, are you asking what are the best exercises to flatten your belly (meaning reduce the circumference of your waste) OR are you asking what are the best exercises for strengthening your abs?

While they sound similar, they’re actually VERY different. One question is asking about getting FLAT abs while the other is asking getting STRONG abs….

While they sound similar, believe or not these are two very different goals. Increasing the strength of your abs is all about ab strengthening EXERCISES and flat abs is all about your FOOD choices.


You need to know the method of getting flat abs is vastly different than the methods you’d use to get strong abs.

So which is your primary goal? Is your primary goal losing belly fat or strong abs? Both dramatically affect the midsection in different ways.


To put it bluntly, ab exercises do virtually nothing for fat loss. Yes, you heard that right, ab exercises rarely touch the fat that’s lying on top of your belly.

Below are our top 3 strategies for FLATTER ABS. As you’ll see they are all focused on food since belly fat is directly related to what’s going in you mouth.

Vegan Meal

Exercise #1 Track ALL Food and Fluids for 1 Week

Yes, all food and fluids need to be tracked for 1 full week. This is the first step if you’re planning on losing belly fat. Sure, you can guess what the problem is now but seeing it laid out in front of you gives you a bird’s eye view of your 168 hour week.

Exercise #2 Find The Weakest Point

Next, you’ll need to find what the #1 problem is with your nutrition. Take a quick look and you’ll want to find where you’re falling short every day. It may be a lunch that is always fast food or several sodas with dinner. Don’t over analyze here, just find the ONE thing you struggle with the most when it comes to food.

Exercise #3 Attack ONE Area At A Time

After you’ve found the area you struggle with the most you’ll then need a game plan to attack it. Please remember, you’re looking for ONE weak area at a time. If you attempt to change more than one area you’ll quickly feel overwhelmed and quit before you know it, it’s often called “dieting” and it doesn’t work. You’ll need to set up a simple but effective plan of attack. For instance, if eating fast food for lunch every day is your weak area, you’ll need to be sure to plan and prepare several healthy lunches on Sunday so you’re ready for the week.

So the good news is these 3 exercises are fairly simple, the bad news is most people won’t listen and they’ll attempt to add “core exercises” and/or “cardio” instead of addressing food issues first. Remember, food is what put the fat there so addressing food is what you need to do to reverse the process.

For those who want to lose belly fat AND gain a stronger core then we have great news. On Monday May 16th we’re giving 4 people a complimentary week of training at Fuse along with several SIMPLE and effective meal plans. The combination of food ideas and professional coaching for a week should, at the very least, jumpstart you to a leaner AND stronger belly!

To reserve one of the 4 spots simply email us at and we’ll then confirm you’re indeed 1 of the 4.

PS. And sorry, the fitness magazines are not being honest when they show you core strengthening exercises that magically melt the fat off your stomach while also strengthening your core. If it sounds too good to be true…

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