Sometimes the best way to advance your fitness and/or weight loss is to first learn how NOT to do it. In 2016, thousands of people will fall into one or more of these unfortunate fitness trends and myths listed below. If you’re looking for long term and sustainable results in 2016 avoid these all too common myths at all cost in 2016.

MYTH #1 Soreness = Great Results


If full body soreness automatically means you’ve had a great workout then falling down the steps would be an incredible exercise. If you’ve ever slipped or fell down stairs before you’ll likely remember the horrible soreness throughout your body the following day. Making a human being sore is VERY simple, it takes not experience or special knowledge to create significant soreness for days. Sure, soreness is a part of training and sometimes perfectly acceptable but never assume that the workout was effective because of muscle soreness since there are many ineffective training programs and unfortunate accidents that cause extreme soreness.

MYTH #2 Sweat = Great Results


Some of the best workouts I’ve ever had involved me learning how to perform a perfect Get Up with a kettlebell. After mastering this exercise my fitness instantly went to the next level. This exercise is one of the best exercises on the planet and learning it requires you to go SLOW and learn the technique. That’s right, I didn’t sweat much nor was I puffing for air as one of my mentors took me through the Get Up, step by step. High level exercises require slow controlled practice, which rarely ends up with you face down in a pile of sweat. Like soreness, sweating is wonderful thing, it’s how the body cools itself down. That said, be very careful you don’t assume your workout is effective because you’re sweating. Any sauna can leave you dripping with sweat from head to toe, this doesn’t mean you’re more fit than you were before your stepped in.

MYTH #3 Having Fun = Great Results

A group doing fitness dance.

Enjoying your workout is a wonderful thing, so don’t think we’re saying not to have fun while you train. Actually, one of the main reasons we buy new equipment every year at Fuse is because people often find it fun to train with new tools. The problem with focusing solely on fun workouts is that some of them are not progressive. In other words, the weight you’re using and the intensity you’re training at has to become progressively more challenging. If not, you’re headed for a long and dreadful plateau. As a general rule of thumb, every 3-6 weeks you should be progressing your fitness program forward, which at times, is anything but a party. So have fun while you train, just know that the way to greater fitness often includes some discomfort and hard work on your end, which isn’t always fun.

MYTH #4 Competition = Great Results

Intense Exercise

Those who know me, know I LOVE to compete. It’s been an issue for years actually. I’m the guy at family reunions spiking volleyballs at unsuspecting opponents to ensure the win. Most would agree, including me, that competing can bring out the best and worst in people. Most would also agree, that competing with weights in your hands can get ugly, fast. In 2016, know your fitness level and personality since pushing the boundaries of your fitness against the clock or an opponent can often lead to sloppy form and injuries.

MYTH #5 More Is Always Better


While we always recommend people train (or prep to train) 7 days a week, we also make sure to inform them that some of these days should include lower intensity training, soft tissue/mobility work and practicing new skills. More training is great but only if it’s the proper exercises. To this day, we still have people call us wanting to train hard at the studio 7 days a week since they believe it’s the best and fastest way to get great results, which is far from the truth. The body demands you to RECOVER from hard training sessions by changing the pace, quite often to a lower intensity as I mentioned above. If you want to take your fitness to the next level in 2016, master the art of recovery. Over training your body is one of the fastest ways to end up at physical therapy 5x a year. Every new injury will take you several steps in the wrong direction.

MYTH #6 Simply Start Running To Get Into Shape


Running is a wonderful activity that most people should be able to do without an issue. That said, if you haven’t trained in a while (or never) running is probably the last thing you want to do to start your new training program in 2016. As most people have found out the hard way, their weak and immobile body ends up taking a beating. Your body needs to have a solid foundation of both strength, mobility and lower impact activities before progressing to running. So please do aspire to run, just realize that you should be fairly mobile and strong before you hit the pavement for thousands of reps. This general rule of thumb also pertains to full court basketball and other higher impact activities.

MYTH #7 Save Money by Training Alone At Home or At The Gym


Saving money is almost always a great thing, unless you’re not getting what you expected. For instance, if I go to a fast food chain expecting a nutrient rich meal I’d probably end up terribly disappointed. Sure, I would save money, but I would not be happy with the end result. If you want the best results possible in 2016 chances are you’ll need to be assessed, coached and educated on how to do so. And while it’s hard to believe, most people fail because they lack the coaching and education on how to obtain their goals. Expensive equipment without knowledge is practically useless. It would be no different than me having full access to my mechanic’s garage to fix my car. Even though I would have access to every tool needed for the job, at the end of the day I would still be clueless on how to complete the job.

If you’re feeling like a lost pup every time you step in the gym or watch another training video we’d recommend you, at the very least, reserve one of our last complimentary Fuse Consultations in January. As we do every January, we offer a handful of complimentary consultations to help guide you in the right direction in 2016. Please email us at to reserve yours today!

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