We’ve all heard of independent wealth…


Most would define independent wealth as possessing enough wealth that does NOT require financial support from another person or a paycheck employer.


Doesn’t sound so bad, huh?


Actually, most would say it sounds incredible…


So, what about your health?


Have you ever thought about being independently HEALTHY?


We often define an independent healthy person as…


A person who is capable of eating clean, living an active lifestyle and working out consistently without needing outside support.


The person who is independently healthy is (1) lean, (2) strong, (3) toned and (4) full of energy year round without requiring direct supervision or support to make it happen.


Sure, they may get some coaching still but they’re not dependent on anyone. They can get exceptional results year round, with or without outside support.


How does that sound?


Hopefully great…


But we need to ask a hard question.


How many trainers and fitness classes are focusing on teaching their clients how to be independently healthy?


The answer… virtually none.


Nearly every class and trainer in the US teaches the client how to become dependent.


In most cases this is not intentional since most fitness programs and trainers are missing the big picture.


They’re missing the fact that their client needs educated on how to KEEP the results they’re getting.


By the way, I do say this with humility as I made the same mistake with my clients for YEARS.


I would give my clients a class or private workout and send them on their way…




The outcome? Well, when you give a client a “workout” but neglect to teach them how to do it independently you create dependency.


In other words, they need you or your gym to workout.


Sure, the client may get results for a while but as soon as life happens (travel, relocation, schedule change, etc.) they LOSE results.




Well, they didn’t have their trainer or fitness class leading them… and since they were never taught how to train independently results fade, fast!


I’m going to say this because it’s the MOST important thing for you to hear if you’re serious about long term health and fitness.


The MOST important part of a training program is educating the client to be independent with their health and fitness.


Unfortunately, most people in the US have been programmed to be dependent on a trainer or class.


This is why everybody loses weight, then puts it all back on.


This is why people get results, only to lose them.


Sound familiar?


Most people were NEVER taught how to become independent with their health and fitness so it’s NOT their fault they’re not seeing the long term results they deserve.


So my question for you is…


Do you want to become independently healthy?


Would you like to learn the MOST effective ways to (1) eat, (2) workout and (3) live year round without being dependent on someone?


Sure, having a trainer help guide you is fine… but the question is are you learning how to be an independently healthy person?


In 99% of the cases we see the answer is no.


The person is simply going through the steps and following someone else’s lead




The person is bored to no end with a gym workout that isn’t producing results.


This past year I created a training program that will set you free.


I created a program that will teach YOU how to workout, eat clean and live an amazingly active life to ensure you get the long term results you deserve…


And the best part about this program is that it’s self-paced and done remotely…


So, you can access this training program as well as the support and expert coaching from myself and small team 7-days a week.


The time has come.


The days of not understanding how to KEEP your results are coming to an end.


If you want to learn how you too can learn the secret to not only getting results BUT also keeping the results let me know ASAP…


I’ll send you a recording of a live presentation showing you the exact 5-step process that we’re using to coach, transform and educate our clients on how to get the long term results they deserve.


The future of fitness is here…


Are you ready to be independently healthy?


Your coach,


Jason “JZ” Zawodniak