Over the past decade, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to train and coach a long list of busy adults who are in the 50+ community.  One thing I’ve personally learned about busy adults in their 50s, 60s and 70s is that they simply don’t have the time to waste on ineffective or careless workouts.

Our clients in the 50+ community made it very clear they were less concerned with what the latest fitness fads were and far more concerned with getting to their fitness goals quickly.  They wanted a fitness program that would give them the extra energy, strength and mobility needed to take on anything life has to throw at them.

Knowing this I want to give you the 3 key components we’ve used to train and coach hundreds of busy adults just like you. Include the 3 components below into your fitness program to ensure you’re loving your results and workout for years to come.

Component #1: Add More Mobility/Flexibility Exercises


Becoming more mobile is vitally important for any adult, especially those over 50.  As we’ve all experienced, we tend to get more stiff as the years go by so getting our bodies more mobile is priority #1.  A stiff and immobile body resists and prevents us from doing the exercises that we need.  Your restricted and stiff joints act the way an emergency break does on a car, by not allowing you to move with ease.  Most workouts only touch on your mobility and flexibility during a warm up.  This is a significant error that you want to avoid making.  For the best results possible you’ll need to sprinkle in different mobility and flexibility movements throughout the entire workout.  Your results will skyrocket by placing a greater emphasis on moving better.  Your body will be free to move and free to enjoy exercises without limitations, pain and discomfort.

If you’re in the 50+ community mobility is most important.  If you’re immobile; you’ll also be weak and poorly conditioned.

Component #2: Focus On Slow, Controlled Strength Exercises

While becoming more mobile is extremely important; getting stronger is also very high on your priority list.  Your mobility and strength exercises intertwine and work in perfect harmony when done with the proper form.  The exercises that give you mobility set the stage for you to do strength based exercises.  We’ll often give a client two exercises to do together.  One exercise focuses on improving their mobility while the other addresses their strength.   By blending both mobility and strength exercises into the same workout you can expect wonderful results.   As a side note, perform your strength exercises with slow and controlled form.   Most rush through their strength exercises which leads to poor form and injuries.  Strength training is a skill that must be learned so take your time and master a perfect form.

Your results will only be as good as your form. Sloppy form will only produce excessively sore muscles and potential injuries.

Component #3: Get Professionally Assessed (FIRST)

We constantly preach getting a professional assessment.  Why?   Well, it’s impossible to know what mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance and core exercises you need if you haven’t been professionally assessed.  There’s only one you. You’ll need specific recommendations based on your body.  Most people will watch workout videos or join in a random fitness class without being assessed.  This is the recipe for disaster. Exercises ,like medication, require a specific assessment before they are blindly prescribed. Certain exercises, while good for some people, should be avoided by others due to limitations in their body.  The wrong exercise can and will injure you.

And for those in the 50+ community who want a highly effective done-for-you workout, you’re in luck if you live near the South Hills of Pittsburgh…

This January, we’re launching a new fitness program that is specifically designed for busy adults in the 50+ community.  For those those who truly don’t have the time to waste on ineffective workouts.

We’re calling this incredible new training program “A50”.

As you may realize, 99% of fitness programs do NOT specialize in training the busy adults in the 50+ community.

The busy person in the 50+ community deserves a program that is specifically designed for their specific body and goals.  Our new A50 workout will be challenging but also smart at the same time.

You won’t find high impact or overly aggressive exercises in A50.  All of the exercises used in A50 will be zero impact to ensure your joints feel as great as the rest of your body.

This program will officially launch Monday, January 8th.  While the original 30 spots are taken we did decide to add 7 more spots.

To learn more about this incredible program email us at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com. We’d be happy to tell you more about this exciting new program that is designed specifically for busy adults like you.

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