If you think about it, there’s more information today regarding nutrition and weight loss than ever before.

If you were to go on Google and do a quick search for “healthy recipes” or “diets” you’d be blown away by the results. There’s almost an endless stream of clean recipes and diets at our fingertips.

And you would think with this level of free information that losing weight and feeling your best would be simple, right?


Actually it’s the exact opposite.

Over the past decade I’ve coached hundreds of busy women like you and I have no doubt that women struggle more now that ever before to feel and look their best.


Well, I believe some of it is information overload. With new diet trends or weight loss programs popping up everyday it’s hard to know what to do.

It’s hard to know who to trust and what works in 2019.

Also, we’ve found over the years that if you give someone a diet, it rarely leads to long term results.


Well, following a diet is technically using someone else’s plan for your life and body. Sure, taking a diet from a book, friend or internet can produce short term results but these results often fade, fast.

Which leaves women feeling more defeated and overwhelmed… which leads to weight gain and frustration.

So, how does a busy woman eat clean and feel her best year round without being annoyed by another unrealistic diet?

Drum roll please…

She needs new eating HABITS!

You know, the things that you do automatically without even thinking about it.

Do you have to be reminded to take a shower or brush your teeth? Probably not, these habits were ingrained at a young age so they’re rarely stressful.

You just do these simple tasks because they are part of your day. You do them because they are habits that come easily to you.

That said, your current weight and fitness level is a byproduct of your habits. Period.

So what you need isn’t another complicated diet… that’s the last thing you need.

You need to rebuild your eating habits to ensure you’re building something that actually lasts.

And once you build new clean eating habits you’ll have a simple way to eat clean year round, without stressing about what to do.

So, put to death the days of following diets or obsessing over every calorie. As you may know, it’s a miserable way to eat and live.

Again, diets and obsessing over calories can help you lose weight but these results are short term results since they’re not sustainable.

Instead build simple clean eating habits based around YOUR life, schedule and preferences.

While clean eating habits appear simple, they’re often very hard to integrate in the early stages.

So, if you want a hand with this my small team and I would love to help you.

If you haven’t heard yet, we can now coach, serve and transform your body without you stepping foot into our Pittsburgh fitness studio.

How, you ask?

Well, we spent the last year creating a private “virtual fitness studio”…

This virtual fitness studio allows you to access myself and my small team from your preferred device since it’s 100% online.

Yes, this is like having our fitness studio and training team in your pocket 7 days a week making it almost impossible to fail.

Do you want to receive a free video training that shows you exactly how you too can transform without leaving your living room?

If so, send me an email at support@FuseBodyOnline.com

Your virtual transformation coach,

Jason “JZ” Zawodniak

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