With new fitness products, trends and franchises popping up every day it’s actually harder than ever to know who you can trust to assist you with your fitness goals. Most people training in Pittsburgh turn to 1 of the 4 trends listed below. While each trend may not be entirely bad, each is very misleading at the end of the day. We’ll also tell you what to do instead of following the typical trending path that’s often a dead end.



What do you do if you’ve been sedentary for years and now have the desire to get fit? Well, you simply start running, right? Wrong. While yes, running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise it may be one of the worst places to start your fitness journey. Adding higher impact activity (running, basketball, etc.) on an immobile, weak and poorly conditioned body is a recipe for disaster nearly 100% of the time. When a novice runner (who was previously sedentary) walks into Fuse the first thing we ask them is “what hurts?” and they almost always have at least one injury. We’ll often do a quick 15- minute movement screen on them to find a weak and immobile body that should no way be running. Aspire to run as a goal but avoid it like the plague until the rest of your body is prepared for it.



For those who recognize that running may not be in their wheelhouse they often head over to a big box gym to start their fitness journey, alone. This sounds like the obvious choice since they have endless columns of machines along with some free weights. Unfortunately, searching for a gym membership to gain access to equipment when you don’t know how to design a professional training program is a massive error that millions have made. Understanding how to assess your body let alone design a progressive and safe fitness program take YEARS of studying and practice. Having unlimited access to fitness equipment is no more beneficial then having access to your hair salon or mechanic’s garage. Meaning, all of the equipment in the world is useless if you don’t have the knowledge and training to back it up.



There’s a time and place to train hard. That said, in 2016 people have believed the hype that training at 100% of your max effort is the only way to train. And to be blunt, this is the ABSOLUTE worst and most dangerous trend in the fitness industry. Yes, training at very high intensities will make you very tired and sore but it’s likely you’re setting yourself up for more injuries than you’ll know what to do with. We have seen endless injuries come from people who’ve trained in “boot camp” style workouts because of the excessive nature of the training. Unfortunately, more is not always better, especially when it come to high intensity training. Your joints, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue won’t survive this mindless form of training, especially if you’re over 30. So, aspire to train high intensities but know that it should never be every workout and it should be under the supervision of someone who understands this.



Sure, endurance training is important but if it’s the staple of your fitness program you’re in trouble. Unfortunately, the typical “cardio class” does virtually nothing for strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, etc. Attending cardio classes or focusing solely on cardiovascular work is like only having a protein with every meal. In other words, it’s not bad, it’s just greatly lacking the rest of the components.

So, the next questions should be what components MUST be present in your quest to transform your body (get strong, lose weight, etc.)? At Fuse we have a very specific formula that we follow, a hierarchy if you would. When someone follows this formula amazing things happen, EVERY time. So throw away the dated trends and follow this formula for lifelong success. We’ve training hundreds of people in the last decade so we have no doubt this will work for you as well.

Follow this formula…



While this post isn’t about food, you need to know that food will make OR break your fitness goals at the end of the day. At Fuse we firmly believe that everyone should place an emphasis on improving their food choices. If you’re overeating or under eating your new health and fitness goals for 2017 are a mere dream, at best. The first step for everyone is ensuring that their nutrition is good to go.



Adults simply don’t move well. They are often stiff, tight and immobile from the lack of quality movement. As with poor nutrition, if your mobility is poor, so is your overall fitness level. Poor mobility is like driving with your e-brake partially on. Meaning, you can still move but you’ll soon notice something is terribly wrong. The second step for you is gaining mobility and flexibility to ensure you’re injury free.



While strength training can mean a lot of different things we’re referring to the ability to move heavier weights for lower reps (1-5). Lower rep strength training is an absolute gold mine for people. And no, heavy weight won’t pack mounds of muscle on you but it will make you feel and look 10 years younger. Once your food choices are good and your mobility is up to par, it’s time to get strong!



While the word “conditioning” encompasses a wide spectrum of activities most people realize that they need to add some kind of conditioning work into their fitness program. Like strength training, conditioning also has tons of options and at Fuse we love most of them. The question is, which form of conditioning work is most appropriate based on your current fitness level?


Women Sretching

Truly fit people are active 7 days a week. They find ways to stay active when most miss it. They see a child’s playground as their own outdoor gym for them to explore movement like pull ups, dips, box jumps, leg raises, L-sits and so on. They find ways to add activity and make NO excuses. With 168 hours in a week you’ll need a lot more than a structured workout to take your fitness to the next level. Think about it, even if you have an amazing trainer and near perfect fitness program that happened 1 hour a day, 7 days a week, that’s only 4% of your week. Yes, 4% of your week, ouch! So yes, the structured program is a must but you’ll need the right active lifestyle to pair with it.



We’re not sure why but fitness rarely gets the respect it deserves. Fitness has a wide spectrum of areas that include strength training, endurance training, mobility/flexibility and food choices to name a few. Most people wouldn’t cut their own hair, fix their own transmission, build their own house but they would try to train and transform the human body which is far more advance than a vehicle or home. Having a support team and coaching is the glue that holds everything together, without it you can expect less than desirable results.

Are you tired of sub par fitness trends, so are we, that’s actually why we create Fuse Fitness Studio. We actually called it “fuse” since we blend together all of the necessary components above to assure you get everything you need to achieve exceptional, long term, real life results that last a lifetime.

The week of November 21st we’re giving away 7 complimentary group personal training trials at Fuse to show you the difference between a structured program and fading fitness trend. Fuse is the new class of fitness.

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