If you’re a novice to exercise, your best place to start is at one of the Pittsburgh gyms. Gyms provide not only the perfect atmosphere to maximize your workout experience, they also offer a great deal of variety and a few extras you could never get if you were working out alone in your own home. Since you’re working out with others, you’ll probably stick to the program more closely and work harder rather than allow them to see you goofing off or taking an inordinate number of breaks.

You’ll have a wide selection of high quality equipment.

Having a wide variety of equipment is important, particularly to the novice that hasn’t yet decided whether weights are his or her thing or some other form of exercise is the best. You’d have to spend thousands of dollars to match the equipment in the gym, but can secure membership for very little by comparison. Even dumbbells can cost a fortune if you want a complete set ranging from 5-150 pounds.

There are extra amenities at a gym that make it more desirable and convenient.

Not all gyms are alike, nor do they all have the same extras. Some of the extras include protein shakes easily available or day care centers. Even having towels available, which you never have to wash, saves you a great deal of time and money. Gyms may have steam rooms, pools and masseuses. They also can have personal trainers who can be a huge benefit to your workout program.

A gym is the perfect place to focus on your fitness and health.

If you workout at home, there are always distractions to keep you from focusing your attention on your moves. In fact, some people use it as their haven or get away from the stress in their lives. It’s far easier to cut your workout short and watch a bit of television or talk to a friend on the phone. When you go to a gym, it’s all about working out and staying with the program.

You’ll save money. Gym memberships are far less expensive than good home gym equipment. Many times people purchase a piece of equipment only to find it’s uncomfortable to use and it ends up being a very expensive clothes rack.

You’ll get the benefit of having a spotter available if you choose to lift weights.

Gyms often have helpful personnel that can show you how to use the equipment correctly. Doing an exercise incorrectly can minimize the benefits and even cause injury.

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