It’s the hard truth but….

On January 1st, thousands of people are going to start a fitness and/or weight loss journey that ends in frustration and disappointment. Since we all know the story we won’t waste time explaining what happens to the average Joe or Jane who start a New Years Resolution to change their health and body in 2017.


Actually, some research shows as little as 8% of New Years Resolutions are achieved every year. This number probably doesn’t surprise anyone since most people can’t name a single person who’s truly transformed their body and health through a resolution.

To avoid the heartbreak that many will experience in 2017 when their fitness and weight loss goals are never achieved we created a short list of dos and dont’s…print this list out if you want success this coming year!


DON’T diet. Avoid trendy diet and shake plans like the plague. They didn’t work last year and they won’t work this year.

DO focus on realistic eating habits. If you want long term results focus on creating new habits since they can last a lifetime. A new habit might be starting with a healthy shake every morning. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your healthy eating on board in 2017.


DON’T get injured. The ridiculous trend of training at your highest intensity every workout continues to plague well intended participants. While yes, this looks cool and may even be fun initially – we can promise you that your body will break down quickly, leaving you injured. If you’re not being compensated to train and compete like a pro athlete avoid it at all costs.

DO train smart. While training hard is important, training smart is most important. Training smart means adjusting your fitness program to fit YOUR current fitness level.


DON’T get involved with random acts of fitness. People love to jump around trying different things year round. They’ll create a smorgasbord of fitness by adding some spin, yoga and boot camp together hoping all will go well. While an active lifestyle is great, you’ll need a plan to ensure success.

DO know your goals. Knowing your goals will prevent you from wandering aimlessly in 2017. For instance, if your goal is weight loss then focusing on food is most important for you. This will allow you to place most of your initial energy on clean eating.


DON’T be overly confident. Do you fix your vehicle’s transmission or drop it off at the mechanic? Do you cut your own hair or go to a salon? Do you massage yourself or go to a massage therapist? Do you perform your own dental work or see a dentist? These are just a few examples of things you should get help with. Training the human body correctly, is a very complex and involved process so DO NOT feel overly confident that you can do this independently.

DO get professional guidance as you would for anything else. At the very least you should be properly assessed to learn what you should be working on. Remember from above, random does NOT work.


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