Like anything else, transforming your body requires specific action steps to ensure you’re reaching your fitness goals (weight loss, toning, strength, etc.). And as most of you know, not all action steps are effective in helping you achieve your goals.


The typical action steps for the general US population are “starting a diet” and “joining a gym”, which almost always ends up being a dead end. Sure, changing your food choices and being more active are great, but the delivery system is broken. It’s the same thing people were doing in 1997 (2 decades ago) to get fit so it’s time for an upgrade on how we address our fitness and food.


Why? Well, who was the last person you can remember that suddenly started a diet and then stayed on it, for the remainder of their life? Not many. Actually, most of us don’t know one person who jumped on a new diet and had long-term success.

This stands true for joining a gym as well. Again, being active is great but attempting to design your own training program is NOT easy. Actually, designing the proper training program is very challenging to do right. Even a professional trainer requires YEARS of practice before they become competent at designing a fitness program. Unfortunately, jumping from machine to machine, random fitness class to random fitness class gives you…yep, random results that rarely last. As with most things in life, randomized scattered planning doesn’t work.


We wanted to give you 5 steps that nearly guarantee you succeed in 2017, because we know you can change your ways.

ACTION STEP #1 Get Help!


Rocket science, I know, but 90%+ people miss this step. If you want a hair cut you go to a hair stylist. If you want dental work, you go to a dentist. If you want to build a house, you seek a professional contractor. If you want to transform your body…yes, you should seek out a fitness professional first. A professional trainer can properly assess your flexibility, mobility, strength, food, etc. to ensure you’re on a program that meets your needs.

ACTION STEP #2 Get Active!


We were made to move, period. Your body requires daily activity to ensure you’re getting the right doses of movement in your day-to-day life. As always, you start small and work up when you’re ready. This may be as simple as a brisk 20-minute walk or as advanced as sprinting hills at one of the many parks in the South Hills. During your assessment (see step 1) the fitness professional should be able to give you a daily activity goal.



Starting a fitness journey is definitely a journey and as with most difficult journeys you’ll hit some rough spots and fall down. It won’t be perfect, nothing is, so expect challenges and move on. When a child learns how to walk you surely don’t get mad when they fall since it is part of the learning process.

 ACTION #4 Have Fun!


If your fitness journey is a miserable one, then something is terribly wrong. Sure, it will be challenging but should also be enjoyable. Most people who are miserable on their fitness journey started an unsustainable diet or are attempting to train without the proper guidance and coaching. Or see step #3, they just need to relax and realize this is a difficult journey.

ACTION #5 Stay Safe!


If you want to end your fitness journey quick, get injured from not training properly. We’ve been preaching this since 2009 and will continue to tell people to avoid excessively “high intensity workouts” like the plague. If you’re over 27 years old, you need to work on slowly progressing your fitness program, not trashing your body every workout. A good fitness professional will adjust the intensity to make sure you’re seeing great results, without trashing your joints.

Regardless of where you are in the US, we would love to help you start with step #1 (Get Help!). The Fuse training team knows fitness professionals all over the country, so let us know where you live and we’ll do some research for you to help you find a good fitness professional in your area.

Of course, if you’re living in the Pittsburgh area contact the Fuse training team at We would love to give you a complimentary strategy session to show you how to start your fitness journey, today!

Enjoy your day!

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