Everyone wants to be more fit. While “fit” is a very broad term it’s safe to say for most people it means attaining a leaner more toned body that allows you to look and feel great.


While wanting to look and feel better this summer is a great goal, most people miss the most important components involved in achieving it. They literally bypass the most important steps, which ends up destroying their goals before they even get started.

The two key components most people miss when trying to transform their body is food and movement training. While this post is not about food we all know that food is king when it comes to getting a leaner body. While food is the most important component we’re actually going to talk about movement training since it’s ALWAYS overlooked.


When we say “movement training” at Fuse we’re referring to one’s flexibility and mobility. In other words, how easily the person can move through full range of motion. The truth is most adults (probably 8/10) are stiff and immobile which does NOT allow them to perform the exercises that give them the best results. It’s impossible to be fit if you’re stiff. You can try but you’ll be injured and frustrated with the poor results.


Trying to workout with a stiff and immobile body is like driving with your emergency brake on, which most of us have unfortunately found out doesn’t work well. The stiffness in the body will resist you from moving into key movements like the squat. As we see with most new participants at Fuse, they can only do ½ of a squat. Yep, that’s 50% of the results and now you’re listening:)

We wanted to give you a quick way to assess your flexibility and mobility today in about 5 minutes. Sure, this isn’t the professional screen that we would perform on you at Fuse but it is a quick way to assess your needs. Maybe even open your eyes to what you really need to work on.

Please have a friend video your movements so you can go back and watch. It’s hard to assess yourself while you’re performing the movement…

Assessment #1 The Full Squat

full squat

It’s one of the most common movements but 90%+ of adults can’t do it. To assess the squat keep the heels on the ground, keep the chest up (no bowing forward) while you descend as deeply as you can into the squat. In a full squat your butt should go to you calves (as seen in photo). Of course don’t force this movement, stop where you feel comfortable since straining yourself or cheating only makes things worse. You’ll find out that you felt your “emergency brake” come on before your butt got all the way down.

Assessment #2 The Toe Touch

toe touch

This is another very basic movement that most adults can’t do without straining. With your feet about shoulder width apart, knees straight, bend down to touch your toes. The goal is to touch your toes with NO strain. Like the squat, you want to be able to go all the way down without any strain or discomfort.

Assessment #3 The Finger Touch


Slide your left hand up your back and your right hand down your back (as seen in photo) and attempt to touch your fingers. Again, there should be NO strain or struggle to make the fingers touch so don’t force it. Be sure to check both sides.

While there are many more screens that need to be done we know that if you can’t do 1 or all 3 of the basic movement assessments above (without strain or stress) you have some fairly significant stiffness in your body. And remember, a stiff body is one of the greatest obstacles between you and the next level of fitness.

If you are interested in a complete movement screen email the Fuse Training Team at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com. We’ll be able to break down EXACTLY what you need to get to the next level.

Enjoy your week!

Fuse Training Team

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