Okay, so core training is a very popular topic in the fitness industry and arguably one of the most popular goals for busy women over 40. Actually, if I assess 100 busy women over 40 nearly every one of them will say they want a stronger core. So the question is, how does a busy woman train her core to ensure she gets the best results possible?

And while there are hundreds of core exercises we use at Fuse Fitness Studio there is ONE that is both highly effective and fairly simple to learn if you have the right coaching.

We refer to this exercise as the Strength Plank™. And no, it’s not the same boring plank you’ll see in fitness classes and magazine articles. Our Strength Plank™ not only does an amazing job at strengthening your core but it also does a great job of strengthening your arms, shoulders, legs and backside as well.

Yes, this ONE exercise can and will dramatically improve all of these areas at the same time. But like all exercises, your form has to be near perfect to get the results you’re looking for.

So let’s go over how to perform our Strength Plank™ so you too can start getting amazing results….

The picture below is the typical plank that people perform when they workout. We do NOT recommend this plank since it gives you very little results.

So lets first talk about the old school plank that you need to AVOID if you’re looking for results.

So a few major errors with the planks that you’ll see at local gym and fitness studios include:

1) Wide feet –> Your heels should be pressed together to ensure your inner thighs and legs are also being included in the exercise.

2) Sagging low back and Sagging Abs –> If your low back is sagging and your abs are dropping towards the floor (see above picture) then you’re NOT training your core. This is what 99% of adults do when they hold a plank and most of them end up with back pain since this is a very uncomfortable position for your back to be in.

3) Sagging Neck –> To protect your neck you want to avoid having your chin drop towards the floor. Instead, actively pull your chin in.

4) Shoulders Blades Are Too Close –> If you want to make this an amazing shoulder exercise as well you’ll want to actively push into the floor, which pulls the shoulders blades away from one another.

So not that you know what not to do, let look at this with the proper form.

You see Fuse co-founder is demonstrating our Strength Plank™ in the above photo.

1) Her knees are straight and heels are squeezed together as tight as possible giving her legs a serious challenge.

2) Her tailbone is tucked in which engages her abs and protects her low back.

3) Her chin is in which protects her spine and practices perfect posture.

4) Her hands are pressed into the ground which pulls her shoulder blades far apart.

Once she engages all of these areas she then holds for 30-60 seconds while she creates as much tension in her legs, abs, backside, arms and shoulders as she can.

If the person is doing our Strength Plank™ with proper form and tension you’ll see their entire body working very hard to maintain the proper position.

So out of all of the core based exercises we use at Fuse why is this a must have for busy women over 40? Well, as you can see this is a very safe way to strengthen your core if you do it properly. In addition to the strengthening of your abs you’ll also notice our Strength Plank™ with help promote full body strength which is a must for busy women over 40.

So take your time and master our Strength Plank™ since it is a very challenging but highly effective exercise that you will love. And if you are looking for a program that was created specifically for busy women over 40 than please email us at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com to reserve your one on one studio tour.


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