Getting amazingly fit after 40 is certainly a reality for anyone living in Pittsburgh. As a team of local Pittsburgh personal trainers we’ve been training the busy 40+ community for over a decade now and have seen stiff, weak and overweight adults become incredibly fit more times than we can count. And we’ve found that with all of these amazing body transformations there were a few vitally important steps involved.

Below are the 3 MUST HAVE steps for any busy adult in the 40+ community who want to get fit and stay fit…

 Step #1: Make Food Most Important

The most important part of a fitness program is…YOUR FOOD. It doesn’t matter if your goal is strength, increased energy, toning and/or weight loss. Healthy food choices are most important. Period. The fact is, the best fitness program can’t help poor food choices. Poor food choices always equal poor results. Sure, if someone is 21 years old this may not apply but for those in the busy 40+ community this is certainly true.

Most adults make the mistake of placing the primary focus on working out at a local Pittsburgh gym and forget that food coaching is always the most important part especially if toning and weight loss are two of the goals. If your personal trainer or Pittsburgh gym doesn’t include food coaching you should likely get out of there, and fast. Why? As we stated before, sub par food choices always destroy your results, regardless of how good the workout or personal trainer is.

Everyone needs to have access to food coaching at some point so if that’s missing from your current fitness program expect the results to be minimal at best. Focus on food first to ensure your fitness program has the proper fuel to be effective.

Step #2: Focus On Improving Your Flexibility (ASAP)



Attempting to workout with a stiff, rigid and immobile body is very difficult. It’s like driving a car with the e-brake on. In other words, a stiff body actually prevents you from moving well, which ultimately makes working out very uncomfortable and ineffective. Most adults over 40 are far more stiff than they realize. Actually, out of the hundreds we’ve assessed in the past decade only a handful have passed the most basic flexibility and mobility tests. Most adults bypass having a professional fitness assessment done and simply start a running program or jump into a few local fitness classes. And yes, in nearly every case they end up injured. Why? Well, they didn’t realize just how limited they were and attempted to push their body too hard, too soon and their body paid the price.

Learning how to move well again takes time and patience. Most busy adults skip over flexibility and mobility training only to end up with new injuries. And like poor food choices, injuries will also destroy your results and prevent you from reaching your fitness goals.

Step #3: Focus On Being Consistent

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People LOVE variety in 2018. We know this because nearly every person we assess for the first time at Fuse Fitness Studio says to us “I get bored easily”. Sometimes they’re referring to food while other times they’re talking about exercise. People love to be entertained and that’s okay in some cases but not when it comes to fitness. The primary goals for exercise should be results, not entertainment. Results are an outcome of a consistent ongoing fitness program. At Fuse we believe that fitness is a practice like yoga, martial arts or sports. In other words, you can’t rush the process, it takes time and a lot of patience to progress your body to new levels of fitness.

The people who want rushed overnight results won’t see them and they’ll continue bouncing around trying different things. The people who recognize that fitness is a life long journey that requires coaching, practice and time will see amazing results.

We hope that was helpful. Of course there are many other steps involved but understanding the importance of the steps above is a great place to start. And if you’re tired of not seeing great results we can certainly help you.

Please contact us at to reserve your one on one studio tour. We’re officially taking new clients in October 🙂

Fuse Fitness Studio is a privately owned gym in the south hills of Pittsburgh that serves Mt. Lebanon, Upper St Clair, Bethel Park, South Park, Pleasant Hills, Castle Shannon and many others. If you’re looking for a professional personal trainer that will provide you with guaranteed results, look no further. Fuse backs all of the personal training programs with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

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