Regardless of what your 2016 fitness goals are you’ll need to improve your mobility, strength and endurance if you’re going to take your body to the next level. It seems most new participants that walk into Fuse have been limiting themselves by focusing on one area (i.e. endurance). For instance, some focus solely on cycling while others place the emphasis on running or yoga. While these activities all have wonderful benefits they’re not a well rounded program if they’re done without the supporting exercises to fill the gaps.


What you need in 2016 are a couple of exercises that guarantee your fitness program isn’t missing any of the key areas mentioned above (strength, endurance and mobility). Exercises that will instantly improve your overall fitness when they’re done with the proper technique. And no, these exercises don’t require much time, space or money. Actually, all you need is one kettlebell and an open floor, most living rooms will do. The two exercises that we believe are a MUST for you to learn and perform weekly in 2016 are the Get Up and the Swing.

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The Get Up creates full body strength and core stability like no other exercise.  The Get Up takes you through a “flow” of movements that start with you lying on your back and end with you standing tall with the kettlebell above your head. In addition to giving you great full body strength the Get Up will also address your tight areas (hips, thoracic spine and shoulder), which is key if you’re looking for a complete transformation in 2016.


The Swing is an explosive full body exercise that has an emphasis on endurance training. Unlike the Get Up, the Swing is a high rep exercise that builds unmatched endurance and athleticism when done correctly. Sure, there are dozens of great conditioning exercises out there, but how many can you do in your living room without worrying about space or expensive equipment? The answer is, not very many:)


The Get Up and Swing, when done properly, will give you a very strong AND lean body without without having to spend a lot of your precious time doing them. Actually, we normally only perform the Get Up and Swing for about 20 minutes (10 minutes on each exercise). So, in 20 minutes 3-4x/week you can have a workout that is superior to most exercise programs with 15-20 exercises. Remember, the number of exercises is not as important as the effectiveness of them.

The ONLY problem we have with the Get Up and Swing is most people refuse to learn how to do them properly. Like any other high level activity (golf, martial arts, etc.) the human body needs to first learn how to do it before it can be expected to do it well. While everyone knows a skilled martial artist or golf pro needs to practice their skills, most forget that the same practice is required to become competent with high level exercises, like the Get Up and Swing.

Unfortunately, the Get Up and Swing leave you at risk for injury if they’re not perfected first. The great news is we’re offering our Fuse Kettlebells [Level 1] program on Saturdays in February. Fuse Kettlebells [Level 1] focuses on mastering both the Get Up and the Swing. While we’re assuming this program will be full soon we wanted to let everyone know that we’re taking 2 or 3 more people in this week. Please email us ASAP at to see if there is another spot left.

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