So, there are endless ways to work out in 2019 so it’s nearly impossible to know what actually works and what’s hype.

Unfortunately, the majority of workouts out there do NOT produce good results in busy adults over 40. I realize that’s not breaking news but had to state the obvious just in case.

So, I decided to make things very simple for you by creating a done-for-you cheat sheet showing you the fastest and most effective ways to transform after 40. Over the past 10 years we’ve trained hundreds (and hundreds) of busy adults over 40 so we’ve had the opportunity to learn first hand what are the most effective training methods for a busy adult over 40.

And yes, after 40 you do need a more specific training protocol to get great results. Just going for a run and performing a generic gym based workout will NOT work forever.

Personally, I’ve found somewhere around the age of 35 you need to start pursuing a more specific training program to see the best results possible.

Below is the cheat sheet on how to train smart after 40 to ensure you get the lasting results you’re looking for…


A proper body assessment is the first step for all busy adults over 40. Sure, you can easily skip this step and dive head first into a workout but it won’t end well. As most adults have learned, you’ll end up injured and/or in a life long plateau.

You need to know EXACTLY where you are today if you want to know how you should be training for the best results possible. Stop guessing and hoping you’ll figure out what your body needs and get a professional assessment so you know without a doubt where you are and what you need.


After 40 you’ll need to train more muscles so the last thing you need are boring bicep curls. Every strength exercise you do should be addressing more than one muscle group, if you want the best results possible.


As we’ve all learned or will learn soon, sometime after 30 injuries last much longer and can take forever to heal. So, the last thing you want after 40 is a new injury from a careless high impact workout. Many will ignore this advice and work through the injuries but you’ve at least been warned. If you want amazing results after 40 you’ll have to limit your injuries since they will ruin your forward progress. As we always say, train smart and know what is safe for your body. And yes, this often starts with a professional assessment. During the assessment it’s often very clear what is safe for the individual to do to ensure they see great results.


One of the primary issues we see with busy women over 40 is that most of them are missing the key nutrients required for optimal health. So, if you want better results you’ll need better nutrients and having a shake or glass of juice every day is one of the easiest ways to advance your health and fitness.


Sitting is one of the primary issues with busy adults over 40. The more we sit the more stiff, rigid and weak we become. So, when it’s possible stand to avoid the long list of issues that come with sitting. If you’re at home watching TV we highly recommend you buy a Rebounder (high quality mini trampoline) so you can lightly bounce while you watch. Research has shown rebounding has a long list of benefits and it’s easy to do. This one small hack will make a tremendous upgrade in your health if you’re consistent with it. Do a quick search on Amazon and you’ll see Rebounders are very affordable and easy to use in your home.


If you want to get from where you are today to your end fitness goal, the faster and more effective way to do this is by hiring a real coach. As most of us have learned the hard way, it’s hard to be your own coach. Even the most experienced trainers and athletes have coaches since they too know that it’s hard to coach yourself.

I hope this quick cheat sheet was helpful in painting a simple and realistic picture on how you can transform after 40. Sure, there are other steps but the 6 steps above are a great place to start!

For those who are strongly considering expert coaching please text us on our private text line at 412-500-9339 so we can learn more about your specific goals.

Enjoy your day!

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