Out with the old, in with the new. Are you up-to-date on the NEW rules of fitness for 2019? Over the past 30 years busy women looking to transform their body would seek one of four different common avenues. You’ve likely done one or more of these yourself. While these four avenues aren’t necessarily “bad” for you, they are typically VERY ineffective at helping you reach your long term fitness goals.

So, first I’ll tell you what NOT to do then we’ll let you know what actually works at the end of this short article.

And here are the four avenues that women take that often end up being dead end roads…so we strongly advise you do to not take these avenues if you’re serious about achieving your goals in 2019…

1) They Start Running

Sure, running can be a wonderful thing but most women should NOT start there. I repeat, most women should NOT start with running as a means to getting fit. So aspire to run if that’s what you want to do, but realize you’ll need to work on some things before you hit the pavement. Most women who start running in 2019 will end up injured since they bypassed the other areas of fitness (flexibility, strength, mobility, etc.) that are required to safely run. Before you start running you should already be strong, flexible and mobile to ensure your body can tolerate the forces of running. You should never run to get fit. Instead, you should get fit so you can run, if that’s what you enjoy doing.

2) They Start A Strict Diet

As you already know, there are endless strict diets for you to choose from. They all will work in the short term but nearly every one of them will fail you in the long run. Trying to transform your food overnight is no more realistic than trying to transform your fitness over a short period of time. Avoid strict diets since they’ll likely leave you more frustrated than lean and fit.

3) They Join Another Gym

Thousands rush to the gym every year only to find out it doesn’t help them achieve their long term fitness goals. The truth is, having access to equipment means nothing if you don’t have a background in designing effective fitness program, which takes years of practice and studying. Having access to a gym is like having full access to your hair stylist’s equipment and tools. In other words, if you don’t have a background and specific training, the tools do virtually nothing other than remind you that you don’t know what to do. And yes, this is why a gym membership does virtually nothing for most women who have serious fitness goals. Sure, they’re very cheap and convenient but so is fast food.

4) They Go To A Generic Fitness Class

Showing up to a generalized (also referred to as “generic”) fitness class typically ends in you being injured or plateauing. A generalized fitness class is one that allows you to sign up online and show up without a proper assessment. Without the proper assessment the trainer is literally guessing at what you need, which is never a good thing. This means the trainer is coaching everyone in the class the same way. This often means he or she is yelling for you to do more of something so you get tired.

So hopefully by now you agree that starting a running program, chasing new diets, joining more gyms and participating in one-size-fits-all classes is NOT how you’re going to reach your goals in 2019.

Again, I’m not saying these four options are “bad” and that no one should do them. Actually, if someone isn’t interested in reaching their fitness goals and they just want to break a sweat I’d say go for it!

That said, you deserve better than the four dead end roads above…

So below are the NEW rules of fitness for 2019. People have been doing the same thing for the last 3 decades only to find out it doesn’t work.

Here’s what works…


Here are 4 NEW fitness rules that will help you take your routine and your body to the next level in 2018…

1. NEW Fitness Rule: Master The Technique

If you want to transform your body in 2019 then you’ll have to focus on mastering your technique. Form is everything if you want great results. Performing dozens of sloppy reps will make you sore, sweaty and tired but in the long run will create unnecessary stress to your joints and body killing your results. It’s as simple as this. Poor form equals poor results. Okay form equals okay results and exceptional form equals…

Yes, exceptional results.

2. NEW Fitness Rule: Get Strong


Women have been lied to for years. They’ve been told that weights “bulk them up” so they’ve neglected real strength training. They’ve been told to use light weights and to focus on “cardio” to tone up. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ve trained hundreds of women at Fuse and the women who are the most fit (toned, lean, healthy, etc.) all have one thing in common. Yes, that one thing was that they were all very strong. They started out with light weights then progressed to heavier weights over time. The heavier weights allowed them to take their fitness to the next level opposed to plateauing.

You simply do NOT have the testosterone to gain massive amounts of muscle. There is literally no chance of the average women becoming overly bulky from a good strength training program. So, if you want amazing results in 2019 focus on getting strong as strength training can radically transform your body.

3. NEW Fitness Rule: Get Flexible


While strength is very important you actually have to be flexible and mobile to get strong. If you’re stiff and immobile you won’t have the range of motion to perform the exercises that make the greatest impact on your body. Working out with a stiff body is like driving a car with the emergency brake on. In other words, it will be hard to move:)

4. NEW Fitness Rule: Get Coached (You Deserve It)


Regardless of where you live in the US or what your goals are it’s vitally important to be professionally coached if you’re serious about transforming your body. Even the world’s top athletes and personal trainers hire their own coaches to help get them to the next level, so it’s fair to say the general population could use a hand as well.

A real coach is someone who’s helped hundreds if not thousands of people just like you transform their body. A real coach knows how to properly guide and coach you every step of the way. He or she is willing to hold your hand early on to make sure you make it to the end.

And when the day comes and your realize you deserve better results, and you deserve the help and guidance of a real coach we’ll be waiting for you.

Email us at info@FuseFitnessStudio.com to start your journey.

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