So most of us would agree, something changes with our bodies between the ages of 30-35. Sure, some people like myself are in denial for a while but we all eventually come to realization that our bodies have changed.

We all eventually come to realize the way we used to eat and workout doesn’t work anymore. The truth is, the busy 40+ adult needs a different kind of workout. They need a smarter workout, one that was created for their body.

Careless high intensity, high impact workouts may be exciting and trending but they’ll leave you with more injuries than results. Our bodies simply do not tolerate the abuse that comes from these excessively high intensity workouts.

But I have great news…

Over the past decade I’ve trained hundreds of busy adults like you and have cracked the code. For busy adults over 40 there’s a new way to train.

There’s a more effective way to train and I’m going to share with you the 3 key steps you should focus on to ensure your workout is highly effective.


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Instead of high impact exercises focus on exercises that are LOW impact. Why? Well, the high impact exercises will leave you open to a long list of new injuries. Low impact exercises will give you the results you want without the wear and tear on your joints.

Remember, every time you get a new injury you will experience a major setback in your training. By avoiding unnecessary injuries in 2019 you’ll set yourself up for great results.

It’s not about how HARD you train. It’s about how SMART you train.


To make sure your workout is both efficient and effective you need to make sure every exercise is as effective as possible. When you sit or stand on a machine you move more like a robot than a human, which will ultimately limit your results. The last thing you need is more sitting. It’s sitting that has made your body stiff, weak and immobile.

What you need are full body movements that are not limited by a bulky machine. Sure, machines make for an easy workout since there’s not much thinking or learning involved but don’t let the ease of machines fool you. You need challenged with full body strength exercises that allow you to take control of your body.

Take your body back in 2019 by only using safe, FULL body exercises.


When you talk about your finances and plan for your future you set a specific plan in place. Why? Well, because you’ll clearly have better results with a specific plan.

When you’re planning a wedding, helping someone get ready for college or helping a parent get prepared for an important transition you carefully plan. You get serious and set a plan in place to make sure these important events go well.

Why is it most busy adults in the 40+ community have no real plan in place when it comes to their health and fitness? Sure, they may jump into some local fitness classes throughout the year or join a gym only to stop going 3-4 months later.

But that’s certainly not a specific plan. Most group fitness classes and gyms neglect to assess their members specific needs. In other words, they don’t even know what you need.

Can you imagine your dentist performing work on you without a formal assessment of your needs? You would immediately disqualify him/her since we all know an assessment is one the first things that happen before action is taken.

Sitting on machines and performing mindless reps may have worked for us in our 20s but we now need more than that. Jumping into some random fitness classes may have also worked in our 20s but we certainly need more than a cookie cutter group fitness class.

After 40 you need a smarter workout, one tailored to fit your needs. If you want 2019 to be the year you transform your body then you’ll take the 3 key steps listed above very serious.

The days of mindless high impact workouts need to go if you want to minimize injuries. The days of sitting on machines need to go if you want a more effective workout. The days of not having a real plan also need to go.

Your health and fitness deserve to have a specific plan. You do it for your family, finances and many other areas but short yourself when it comes to your health and fitness.

You deserve a body that isn’t stiff, weak and out of shape. You deserve to have a body that is mobile, strong and full of energy.

To summarize this short article…

You deserve more. And for those women who are ready to take their health and fitness to the next level, we would be happy to help you.

We’ve been helping busy women like you every day for the last decade. So what’s the first step?

As you may of guessed, the first step is coming in for a one on one assessment so we can learn what it is you need. If you want 1 of the 5 complimentary assessments this week please email at

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