Option #1

The Signature Workout

The signature workout was created by the Fuse founders in 2009 and hundreds of Pittsburgh residents have enjoyed it since then. Signature is a fun, fast paced, full body workout that will greatly enhance your overall fitness level. While this 45-minute workout is performed at a fast pace, you can expect to find exercise variations for all fitness levels. Signature provides you with a challenging workout that focuses on quality first to ensure you love your experience and results.

The signature workout is perfect for….

  • Someone who loves a fast paced, high energy workout.
  • Someone who likes to get their heart pumping and a good sweat going shortly after the workout starts.
  • Someone who wants a fun, outgoing workout.
  • Someone who loves variety.
  • Someone who enjoys higher impact exercises (i.e. jumping).

Option #2

The A50 Workout

The new A50 workout is a highly efficient 35- minute workout that was created for busy adults who no longer want to feel stiff and weak. The A50 workout is a sophisticated workout that moves at a slow to moderate pace since the primary objective is to carefully rebuild your body. The exercises found in A50 often focus on enhancing your flexibility, balance and strength which when combined together will also give you new levels of endurance. The end goal of the A50 workout is to get you to move and feel like you’re 1-2 decades younger.

The A50 workout is perfect for….

  • Someone who enjoys a more controlled, moderate workout pace.
  • Someone who also wants to focus on improving their flexibility to ensure they get the most out of their workout.
  • Someone who has serious long term goals and wants to gain a deeper knowledge of their body and fitness.
  • Someone who appreciates variety but also wants to master the key foundational exercises that are very important to the body.
  • Someone who prefers little to no high impact exercises in their workout.

Choose One or Do Both…

Money Back Guarantee


Are you a little skeptical about joining a new program? Well, just in case you are I created a guarantee that will remove any fears that you may have. Our 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee will allow you to be fully refunded if Fuse is not the perfect program for you. That’s right, if you don’t love your experience with us I’ll personally refund every dollar, no questions asked.